From Managing Small Events in School to founding his own company “Rohit Raj Events”

Rohit Raj, a 22-year-old entrepreneur entered into the field of event management at the age of 19 and was touted to be one of the India’s youngest artist/event manager. He chose the path others do not think of so easily. He dropped out of the general engineering degree and pursued what intrigued him the most. Already given two TEDx, he has successfully taken his business to new heights. Being an event manager, he is now owner of Rohit Raj events which organizes events at very big scale across various parts of India.

In conversation with Rohit:

1. How did you come up with Rohit Raj Events?

I did my schooling at Delhi Public School, Greater Noida and my alma mater have played a pivotal role in instilling the skill of managing events for me. When I was in my senior school, I was honored with the position of President – Co-Curricular Activities and hence organizing Inter-School, Inter-DPS, and Inter-District level competitions with a footfall of 500 to 20,000. Post every event; I felt another positive vibe which made me think to become an event organizer. Ever since I had been organizing small parties which later turned into mini concerts, followed by a query for a college festival and rest is history. All the economic events were held under the banner of Rohit Raj Events.

2. What are the projects/ companies that you are currently working at?

It all started with my event management company called Rohit Raj Events, under which we have organized some 100+ shows all around the country. I’m also looking after the marketing of my father’s hotel chain which is called Sneh Hotels Pvt. Ltd. which is based in Uttarakhand, as the Director – Marketing. This year, post my graduation, has been a roller coaster. I have been able to start a Digital Media Marketing firm called Boost U which looks after Social Media Marketing for musical bands like Astitva, Agastya, etc. The company today possess a core team of 18 and a support team of 200+ on paid and intern basis. Very recently I have associated with the Delhi-based band – Agastya and Asia’s most popular YouTuber – Bhuvan Bam of BB Ki Vines as their Artist Manager and I plan to take them both to greater heights and make entire business for them and with them for the better.
A project which is very close to my heart is the Sneh Foundation, which is a nonprofitable organization and plans to work for the benefit of the poor living in Haridwar, where we shall pledge to provide at least one meal every day to the needy and not let them go to sleep empty stomach. I wish to bring this into action in the year 2017, let’s just hope God is kind enough to support my team and me for the same.

Rohit raj

3. Which was your first official project at Rohit Raj events? How did you feel after its successful completion?

We organized a college festival for the biggest university in Meerut which also happens to be my hometown. The event was a success & it gave me a sense of accomplishment. The feeling was good, but it became even better when I took the first paycheck and gave it to my mom, she was proud of that. That trust in me, was a good feeling.

4. Which was the most successful event organized by Rohit Raj events?

Every event has been the best till date because I believe there is some loophole or the other which as an Event Manager I have to cover. Which itself is an experience? But to name a few- My first game in a Girls College in DU, Several other events with Badshah, Mohit Chauhan, and others would be unusual on the list. There are plenty – SukhE at RKGIT, Ghaziabad, Bhuvan Bam at DCAC, DU, Sunburn Night at several colleges, etc.rohit raj

5. How was your Ted Talks experience?

TEDx happened, it just happened, and I believe it is one of the biggest achievements of mine, which has helped me reach to a lot of people. The sense of confidence I have posted the TEDx talks is on a different level altogether, and the experience was fantastic as well. After sharing the stage with the likes of Richa Chaddha(Actress), Dilip Chabbria (Automobile Pioneer), Anurag Batra (Businessworld) and Bhuvan Bam (Youtuber), I feel my parents have a sense of pride when they discuss what I did in life with the others in the society. Every year I pledge to achieve something, like an aim. The year 2016 was meant for a TED talk, two happened. It was a dream & it came true.

6. Who has been your inspiration all along your journey?

My father has been the source of all the inspiration. I’m not putting in a cliche answer here, but I believe in him, for the fact that he has been the ideal entrepreneur, and I would love to take him and his name forward to newer heights with time and age. My mother, on the other hand, has been the source of motivation because every day I step out I wish to do something that makes my mom proud and the results have been good.

7. What were the hurdles and how did you overcome them all?

The only hurdle which I consider a difficult for anybody is the society. When I left engineering and came back home, I was pounded with questions from the community and the brunt was faced by my parents. For the initial few months, I was in the sense of depression but then work happened, profits happened, fame happened, and success will happen too, hopefully.

rohit raj events

8. How far has your startup reached? Where do you want to see it in 5 years from now?

I don’t call my ventures a startup, and they have reached a level that we don’t have to hunt for work anymore. We can do so much more, so this is just the beginning, greater heights are in store. *Fingers crossed* I see all my ventures to be self-independent in 5 years from now, and more feathers to add to the cap.

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9. What will be your message for the youth?

The last question is always for the regular uncles who would want to give a ‘piece of advice’ or ‘message for the youth’ and unfortunately I’m no oldie, so I just want to say do what you wish to do and not what your parents or peers want you to. Also, step out of the regular jobs and do something that excites you, because you’d do so the same thing maybe for the whole life, so some excitement around it is necessary.

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