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Story of a Guinness World Record Holder in building Largest Pyramid

Kushagra is a student of Economics at Hansraj College, New Delhi achieved a Guinness world record for building the Largest Pyramid  by using 56,980 plastic cups on September 17,2016. Kushagra along with his group broke the existing record of 42,935 cups held by a Mexican. The pyramid was assembled in the presence of officials and adjudicators from Guinness World Records who had specially flown in to be a witness for the attempt and also to give on the spot verification of the world record.

A keen learner, Kushagra is also an avid badminton enthusiast, who has been a winner of the silver medal in badminton at National School Games. Kushagra has also won a silver medal in Badminton at CBSE Nationals and is a recipient of Airport Authority of India (AAI) scholarship continuously for 2 years. Kushagra now looks forward to make a mark with his dancing skills.


1.What inspired you for making a cup Pyramid? How did you get this idea of choosing plastic cups?

I submitted a lot of applications to the Guinness world record administration but never got selected and this was my final try because I was loosing my motivation. It was this time that after a long search I finally set to breaking this record of building with any plastic product .I was searching for a plastic product that I can use to fulfill my long aspired dream of making  a world record. And it stroked me to use the coffee cup I was sitting with.

Guinness World Record Holder

2.When did this determination of making a world record start within you?

It was at the time when I was in 6th or 7th standard. I was surfing through the Guinness world record book. Then I decided to make a record as well. I didn’t know what I am going to do but all I knew was that one day I will make the Guinness World Record. After, three consecutive failures this was my fourth attempt in which I succeeded.

3.Who supported you through this wonderful journey, picked you up and motivated you when you were on the verge of losing hope?

It was my dad! He was there supporting me at every point and never made me question myself or loose hope. Even when I was preparing for the official day, he took care of everything and was beside me constantly helping me in everything I needed. But, it was the day when my application got selected. He gave me the greatest push to break the record and gave me the strength to break the record.

Kushagra Guiness world record holder

4.How did your parents initially react to this idea and dream of making a world record?

Initially, when I was sending my applications for selection I never told my parents but my father had an idea that I was up for it. The day I got selected, my mother didn’t actually believe I was going to do it but later everything settled and they were as happy as I was after achieving my childhood dream.

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5.Did this Guinness world record affect your studies or usual life significantly?

Yes, when it comes to studies for a couple of months it suffered a huge loss because I had to completely focus on all the technicalities that needed to be focused on while building the pyramid. Also, building a team and appointing people was a time-consuming task which kept me away from the usual routine.

The certificate

6.Leaving aside the pyramid you finally made, was there any other idea that stuck you before?

The pyramid was the fourth idea before that I thought of making a record in the 3D modeling of a set region and the longest drum marathon which I could not continue due to backbone injuries. But, this idea of pyramid gave me much greater surety and appealed to me more.

7.You had a hard working team but still were there any problems that you faced while building the Pyramid on the big day?

Yes, building the pyramid is not as easy as it seems. We started by putting stickers on the cups. Also, the pyramid fell twice from the middle which we had to rebuild carefully without disturbing the other side. The problem that we faced was of maintaining the correct air pressure for which walking slowly,not talking too loud etc. were some of the measures we undertook seriously.

Here is the video coverage of the entire event

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