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Meet The Social Worker Who is One of The Youngest Recipient of Karmaveer Chakra!

Pranav Arora Karmaveer Chakra Award
Pranav Arora
Pranav Arora

Pranav Arora a 2nd year law student of Indraprastha University and a social activist who started social work at the age of 13 and won Pramerica award by British council at the age of 16 where more than 200 countries voted in his favour. He is also one of the recipients of Karmaveer Chakra at the age of 21 for his work on welfare of poor children, women rights, up-liftment of sex workers & their children. He is a patriotic person and believes in non violence. His motive and dream is to change the present circumstances of the country.  

1. You started social work at the age of 13. What inspired you ?

Yes this is true that I started social work at the age of 13 but  when I was 12, I started observing the condition of the country and analyzing it . I decided that the country has everything but still people have empty hands, the condition of people is not improving. Then, I decided that I had to serve country as it had given me many things like my rights, values and knowledge.  It was not pre decided to work for my country at the age of 13. However the circumstances led me to work in this direction by analyzing things.

2. Do you think that human rights are applicable in India?

Yes, human rights are very much applicable in India. For this we first have to realize, that these are the rights a person gets from his/her birth as a human. These are applicable to all irrespective of the local governmental laws. Infact, constitutional laws are built upon the foundation of human rights. And it is the judiciary’s constitutional mandate to preserve it. Which is the best example of acknowledgement of the existence of human rights in our country. So yes, I feel human rights are applicable, but there is a need of awareness and education to make people come forward and take a stand for their rights.

3. Why didn’t you join any political party?

I preferred to not join a political party, as i felt i would be able to reach larger number through social work. Politicians dominate, influence and control the public. I think that is not how they should work. I want to serve the people, which is not possible in any political party.

4. In what kind of protest do you believe in?

I believe in peaceful protest . Nobody will get anything out of violence .The result of violence is temporary whereas the effect , power and force of peaceful protest is much more than that. I myself have organized peaceful protest against many issues which is not in favour of the Government. By violence you will kill the other people only, but by peaceful protest you will strengthen your power , your objective which eventually leads to get justice .

5. How did you receive Pramerica spirit award in 2010?

I have been working on issues like child rights, human rights, and women rights, etc. for a long time. Similarly, in 2010 I  had worked for welfare of sex workers and their children. I received ‘Premerica spirit of community’ award internationally for my work’s acknowledgement.

6. Do you think India is a corrupt nation?

It will be judgemental to say that India is a corrupt nation. The rope is in our hand. We are the giver and taker. If we collectively decide that we would not pay bribe, then it will eventually stop. People don’t want to stand in lines. They do not want to wait. These are the excuses they give if you ask them. We have the power in our hands, we can make a government and that means we should collectively initiate against it.

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7. “Karmaveer Chakra” is not a small award to win, how did you feel?

Pranav Arora
Pranav Arora (in blue), receiving Karmaveer Award

Obviously, I was so happy. But I was more focused on my work. Because such type of recognition does not acknowledge you for the work but it creates and develops a sense of responsibility which arrives on you to work more for the betterment of the society. For me, recognition is not an award for my work but responsibility towards my work is more important.
8. Can you change the perceptive of Indian citizens by doing social work?

Yes, why not! I think this is the best way . To change the perception of people you should develop a sense of humanity in them . I remember a journalist when I took a stand against a chief minister by doing a press conference & he asked me that for what kind of people I specifically work or would work. I said “I want to work for humanity be it of this state or other, be it this nation or the other.”

9. What all  did you face in this journey till now?  What do you think about the condition of our nation and how can we solve it?

I have faced many problems as I did not get remarkeble support from anywhere other than family. But today I feel happy about that as it gave me strength to bring change in society alone. I truly believe in a saying that ‘if you have a will you have the way’ and the country follows you step by step . Country is very much interested to bring change in a wider scope be it a women issue , child issue etc. People want it but due to lack of will power they fail  and once it gets active then no one can stop India to be a superpower . We are only the mediators as a social workers, we are the driving force . Public are coming in larger number to support,  only the awareness and education is needed  , our country has that capability and potential.

His present activities are available at Zeenews

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