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Story Of World’s Youngest Demonologist & His Experience on Paranormal Activities

Ankit Sharma , a nineteen-year boy has been rewarded as the Youngest Certified Demonologist in the world. He is currently pursuing his Mechanical Engineering from the Maharashtra Institute Of Technology, Pune. Ankit was a keen paranormal activity researcher from the childhood itself and aspired to take it to next level by being the youngest certified demonologist. Ankit had to face a lot of problems due to the field being a taboo in India but after being the certified Demonologist he solved many cases around the world.

He also presented a research paper in the first year itself on nanotechnology and became the youngest presenter at the event in IIT Kharagpur. Ankit works in the two contradictory fields science and demonology at the same time and proves that some paranormal things do exist. Through his hard work Ankit has also achieved the position of Assistant Head at the Indin Paranormal Team.

Certified Demonlogist


1. Is there any specific process to be followed to be a certified demonologist?

Yes! There is a proper process to be followed. A person who wants to be a demonologist needs a certified institute to offer the certificate in demonology and also an instructor to guide him through his training. The person approaches the trainer and asks him to be the instructor for his training. Once the instructor agrees, all the required details are given about the training. There is also a proper exam that is taken before the certificate is provided.

2.  So there are specific institutes for paranormal studies and demonology?

Yes!! There are institutes for Demonology. In India, there are two institutes for paranormal studies. The first one is G.R.I.P managed and functioned by the Indian Paranormal Society and another one is located in Mumbai , IPT Academy managed by the Indian Paranormal Team.

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3. How was your first experience with Paranormal Activity and When?

My first experience with a paranormal activity was during my childhood. I had an ability to sense negativeness around me but being in a scientific society I kept ignoring my instincts . I came across a group who helped me in realizing all this. As being a science student myself I didn’t believe in any such thing. In order to grasp the fact that such thing exists I experimented again and again and finally believed that such things do exist.

4. What exactly happened when you finally started believing in the paranormal activities?

There was a place where I felt a lot of uneasiness and strong negativity. I consulted the official paranormal team. So after consultation, the team asked me to carry out some scientific tests at that place. First was by using the EVP machine and the another one was to keep a plant at that place, water it daily and see if it still dies. I heard audio from Echovox of speaking and also the plant dried however much I cared and tried to flouAnkit Sharmarish it. Some more things like moving in the dark took place which I encountered with my own eyes.

5. Can anyone do Demonology or some gifted people can only do it?

Everyone can do Demonology. The strong sensual abilities to sense different things can be obtained by working hard and focusing on certain senses. When a child is born, he/she has sharp abilities to sense negativity. They start crying tremendously until it gets removed from that place. But as we grow up, we pay focus to all other things and live a tensed life which moves our focus away from such sensing capacities of our body.

6. How is the support of your parents in choosing this field?

Like every other parent, my parents were also shocked and terrified at the same moment because this is something unusual and our society does not believe in any such thing. Also, both my parents are from science and commerce field respectively so they didn’t believe in any of such thing. But, they let me choose what I want to do provided I didn’t play with my career as my sole motto is to become a mechanical engineer.

7. What are these souls and ghosts who make the paranormal activity around us?

These are energies of the dead people which are left behind because they are attached to something or with some place very strongly. These energies are sometimes too positive that they guide you and also sometimes they can be negative enough to harm you. These are the unconscious energies which are left behind. These vary because each person has different conscious.

8. What do you want to say about the belief system on such paranormal activities?

Some beliefs are false and some are real. All I can say is paranormal activities do happen. There are various approaches that we take to understand it and science is  also a part of those approaches. Paranormal Science itself suggests parallel to normal science. We have to believe in it and we do achieve the sense to feel such things. All we have to do is to see it through an Open-Mind.

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