AIIMS, 2016 AIR 1 rank holder – Sathvik Reddy says “master the NCERT textbook concepts to crack the exam”

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Sathvik Reddy Erla, the first position holder in AIIMS MBBS 2016 and AIR 20 in JIPMER MBBS 2016, the medical entrance examination. Sathvik says that the most important thing is to have a conceptual clarity of subjects, and a routine study of 10 hours. He scored 98.8 per cent in Class 12th(Andhra Pradesh Board) and a total of 157.66 marks in AIIMS MBBS 2016 exam. Sathvik gives a greater importance to a customary study for set period of time which he himself manifested in his routine during his preparations.

1. AIIMS is a dream and goal for all the medical students, they work hard on this dream. What was your reaction when your dream came true?

I was overjoyed and didn’t have any words to express my feelings upon safely securing AIR 1 in the AIIMS exam. All I can say is that I feel extraordinarily lucky and blessed to be here. I celebrated this with my closest near and dear ones.

2.  So, did you ever expect such a result in AIIMS MBBS 2016 exam?

No, absolutely not! For once when I saw the results of AIIMS MBBS 2016, I could not believe my eyes. I was surely expecting good marks no doubt on that but never expected an All India Rank 1. It has been a more than extraordinary performance and result of my hard work.

3. The family is the biggest support when you achieve something in life, people who act as your backbone. Do you agree?

Yes! My family was there with me with all the support one wants in the toughest time of life. My family similar to that of others, throughout my preparation stages kept me motivated. My parents never forced their opinions on me regarding the choice of my career options. They always encouraged me to go with my own interest and aspirations. It was my own endeavor to choose MBBS in which they trusted me and supported me wholeheartedly.

sathvik reddy

4. Once you achieve the success everybody wants to know that one specific mantra which you installed in your journey to success. What is your success mantra?

My success mantra behind cracking AIIMS MBBS 2016 examination was to do every topic only after my basic concepts were clear in each subject and then move I went onto repeatedly solving as many questions as possible from the model test papers and the previous years papers. Also, I kept solving the mock test papers time and again so that all the concepts are clear and intact in mind.

5. What was your study schedule throughout your preparation for the AIIMS exam 2016?

I use to study regularly for around 5-6 hours a day after attending my regular school. But soon I realized that was not sufficient and hence, I started utilizing the time after classes in self-study. I would spend around 9-10 hours on my studies at home on weekends or off day.

6.  How would you categorize the AIIMS exam based on difficulty level?

It was a moderate test for me as I was quite confident of my preparations.  The paper overall was an easy one in comparison with previous ones and other state-based medical exams. The questions were mainly NCERT based in each subject-Physics, Chemistry or Biology. I had paid attention to my 12th board also therefore, NCERT was on my tips and that helped me in my AIIMS exam too.

sathvik reddy

7.  You secured quite good marks in your state board exam too. How did you manage two levels of study where one is somewhat general and other is competition based?

This did not create much of a trouble for me. My main focus was on medical entrance examinations and I devoted much of my time towards the same. Since the syllabus of both the exam overlaps, it didn’t take any special efforts from me for class XII board examination. The main factor is that the syllabus is same but the approaches vary in the competitive exam as it is more towards application based questions which are not theoretical as in the state board exams but rather are objective.

8. What role does coaching play according to you in cracking the competitive exams?

Coaching does not make you study, it is the inner focus which motivates you day in and day out. The role of coaching is limited to guiding and analyzing where you stand in a group of students to realize your position among lakhs who appear for the competitive exams.


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9. What suggestions would you like to share with the MBBS aspirants?

I would like to suggest them that Believe in your hard work. First, master basic concepts through NCERT textbooks and then go for serious preparations. Solve question papers of previous years entrance tests and take as many mock tests as possible. Keep calm and don’t take the stress. Consistent efforts will take you closer to your dream institution.


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