How Madhya Pradesh Football Team Captain uses “Poori Jaan Se Khel Do Ekbaar” to motivate his team

Ayush Martin is the man of the moment when he astonishes everyone with his drilling skills and consecutive goals. Captain of Madhya Pradesh football team and a National Football player has a different style to pursue things and achieve them. 18 year old young boy hailing from Sagar(M.P) is pursuing engineering from IET-DAVV,Indore(M.P). He has made his town as well as State proud by displaying extraordinary skills at Football and has proved that Hard work and Determination are the only prerequisites for achieving your goals. We had an interesting tete-a-tete with Ayush. Excerpts:

1. How’s your journey from beginning to National Football Player?

I used to play football from class 3rd starting from Inter house football matches in School with my seniors. After spotting my grip in football ,my sports teacher took me in team among 14. I played my first division level in class 6th. I was made Captain & it was a very proud moment at the initial stage. I head my team at various clusters, many state level tournaments. We won the state level tournament and promoted for Nationals,that was a turning point for me. I dropped practice for a year or two during competitive exams. After getting college I rejoined my passion and now I head various state level tournaments.

My coach put a lot of efforts in me as well as my family supports me at very step. They were my strengths all the time.

2. Which team of football you like most and which player you have set as an ideal?

I also go with the team which is the heart of game all over the world, Madrid and yes my ideal is Cristiano Ronaldo .

3. What are the some set of skills which set you apart from other players?

Talking about mine specific skills, I have a good control on shooting power and dribbling, they define me in my team. Also I am very good finisher.

ayush martin captain mp football

4. What type of training you have undergone to head your team at national level?

The training was hard and required lot of energy but we knew that it was the road to our vision.We put tremendous efforts during national camp training and in improvising our game. I used to run 10 km and perform lot of drills  daily. Today I have reached this level after lot of dedication and immense hard work.

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5. Do you think choosing a career in football in India is a wise decision?

Nowadays, career in Sports is a very good option if one has the passion and skills for a sport, no matter what genre it belongs. Teams are coming and choosing players, so according to me if your heart agrees then you should definitely go for it.

Ayush Martin

6. How did you overcome setbacks or hurdles during games?

During games, we used to think if we can’t score a goal in game,then we should not be conceived in the team. Due to mistakes, we conceded many goals. That was a major setback but gradually I boosted myself, encouraged my teammates, put ourselves 100% in the game. I used to say ‘Poori jaan se Kheldo ekbar’.

7. Any message for the aspiring players?

I inspired myself from Cristiano Ronaldo. That helped a lot in my game. He used to get fail in the exams and once her teacher told, sports cannot help you to earn money for your life. But he didn’t drop his passion. Now he is one of the richest footballers.So it is not about playing or  studying or anything, it’s about following your heart. By our extraordinary skills,power, determination and most importantly hard work,we can reach to great heights.

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