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With 2 lakhs Youtube Subscribers, Aniket Jaiswal’s journey of “Old Delhi Films” – Delhi’s Most Loved Entertainment Channel

Aniket Jaiswal, founder of the renowned “Old Delhi Films” answers, how digital media is growing day by day and offering great opportunities to today’s youth. Aniket along with his team, which comprises of  Shashank Sharma and Sweta Gupta have taken “Old Delhi Films” to heights of popularity. This Facebook and Youtube channel have used satiric humor to address some of the main social problems that we encounter in our day to day Indian lives.

1.You are one of the most loved vine makers in the country. How does it feel?

It feels amazing! We love reading comments on our videos and it makes us feel really happy. We are humbled by the love and support of people. It feels amazing when we read such awesome comments on our videos on Facebook and Youtube. We would implore people to continue their support and affection towards our work.

2. What do you think is essential to be a popular vine maker your tricks or constant dedication? Why?

There is no shortcut or no trick to becoming successful or popular. In June we will complete 3 years of digital content making. We produce 4 videos per month, sometimes even more. So in our case, we have worked really hard to reach here.  We don’t do social experiments/Pranks/Vox pops, we make fiction, which is even more difficult and expensive to make.

3. What is your message for the upcoming vine maker? What are the tips that you would want to share with them?

The only advice I would give is, to be honest to yourself and to your audience, always try and make original content. Keep posting great content, slowly, steadily but surely you will build your own audience. Be patient!!

4. Video making is not a parent’s cup of tea. How did your parents react to your decision to be a vlogger?

My parents were pretty chilled out!! They have always been supportive of what I do. My elder brother is also a filmmaker, so it was not so difficult for my families to comprehend my work. But, yes, they still don’t know how to make money from YouTube.

5. There are various hilarious stories that we come across time to time on your page. Does it require a lot of effort to pen down the humor?

We used to make dramatic serious content too, but now we only focus on Comedy/Satirical humor. Writing humor is not so easy because to make someone laugh and give a message at the same time is very difficult. So, yes, it takes a lot of thought process and a lot of failed attempts to write one good script.

6. Who inspired you to make such a tremendous Facebook and Youtube Chanel?

I guess no single person inspired me to create Old Delhi Films, I always wanted to make films but I was not getting the right platform. So, one day we decided to make short funny videos and started uploading them on YouTube, that’s how we started. But, yes, TVF and AIB were the big Indian digital media influencers at that time, so yes they did have some impact on us.

7. Who was the most supportive person in your journey?

My family and my awesome team who are also my friends Shashank and Sweta. They supported me in every thick and thin and never doubted my dream.

aniket jaiswal
Aniket Jaiswal

8. What is the one thing that Vine making has taught you?

There is so much that I have learned such as creating the video, content, taught me to be on my toes, to constantly create, to think all the time, to be in trend and to be relevant. Most important to take up my dreams and fulfill them to the utmost.


9. What according to you is the future that vine making holds for people with different talents?

This is the future, digital media is growing day by day in size. People are making millions of dollars through content creation, this is going to rule the industry. People are self-empowered, all you need is three things “a camera, the internet, and talent“. Thereafter, Nobody can stop you.

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10. How did the initial days of the old Delhi films go? What were the difficulties you faced?

Initial days were really difficult, now we make 4 videos per month but at that time we didn’t have funds. So, we used to save money, borrow from friends and family and make videos. Being consistent was one of the biggest difficulties we faced in the initial days. 

11. How has your life changed after gaining the social recognition?

It feels great, it feels blessed and privileged. But we are working hard to gain more, to achieve more because I feel a person should never feel satisfied with what he has achieved.  There is a long way to go “Who knows we do make Hindi Film” some day. I strongly feel for that!!
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