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If You Think It’s Hard To Find Time From Your Hectic Studies, This Class 11th Girl’s Story Will Change Your Mind, Ria Navalade

ria navalade

She is basically a Marathi girl but she has been in Bangalore most of her life. Currently she is doing her 12th from Delhi Public School East. She has been dancing for many years now and is trained in Bharatnatyam. Also, she is trained at the Bangalore School for Performing Arts in several other western dance styles. Self confessed  restless and outgoing person, she loves to learn and explore new things, which has also led her to acting and modelling.


ria navalade

Q) How did Oppo Fresh-Face beauty contest happen? Had you planned for it beforehand?

A) It was so unplanned! I just saw an article in the paper about Times Fresh Face auditions and went and gave it a try without any preparation and ended up winning the mall audition round. Then I competed with all the college finalists at the semi final round, and then eventually won the Bangalore Finale.

Q) When was the first time you realized your interest in modelling despite being a laborious student?

A) I’ve always known that being infront of the camera or on stage is something I love a lot. But I decided that this would be my path only during my 11th standard. That’s when I auditioned for Prasad bidapa and got signed to his prestigious agency.

Q) What preparations did you do for beauty contest Fresh-Face? Were you stressed out?

A) To be very honest, I did no preparation at all! I have realized that the more I prepare and stress about things, the more I mess up. I am a spontaneous person and that personality comes out on stage. So I just went with it. But professionally of course all the contestants had training with super models Alesia and Anjali Raut, photographer Daboo Ratnani and several other experts from the industry.

ria navalade


Q) Tell us one secret thing that you think has made you win fresh-face competition?

A) Well, I believe that all my fellow contestants were equally talented and hardworking,which is why we were our respective city winners. But the thing that sets a person apart is definitely confidence. Confidence is the best thing you can wear, and I am a person who wears it all the time. If you do things confidently, you can get away with anything, and I think that worked for me!

Q) As of now winning fresh-face has got you considerable fans, what is your next plan in the glamour field?

A) Fans? Ha! ha! ha! no way! My friends, family, teachers and my school have been so supportive and without them none of this would have happened. I really haven’t thought much about what I will do in the future, as everything in my life is always unplanned! But I  will definitely move into the Entertainment Industry, and I am working towards that. I am also considering some offers now but nothing is certain.

ria navalade


Q) Tell us to what extent events like fresh-face can provide platform for students?

A) Events like these can lead to a complete transformation in a person in terms or personality, grooming, public speaking and of course, being a crowd pleaser. Ultimately all college kids will get jobs one day and no matter what job you do, be it marketing, engineering, or even law, being able to present yourself impressively is what makes all the difference. And competitions like these help you  build that, as well as help you meet like minded youngsters from different parts of the country, increasing your knowledge.

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Q) What would your advice be to fuchchas for winning such events?

A) Like I said, confidence is the key. But remember that after all it is an entertainment event so, you have to be a crowd pleaser. The best way to do that is to be yourself, and be unique in your talent and personality. Have fun and most importantly, keep learning from every step of the competition.

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