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Won Over 26 Dancing Championships in 2 Years! The Ultimate Dance Champion Who Is Breaking All The Chains : Faizan Mallik

faizan mallik dancer dance plus 1 and 2 star plus interview ss

Faizan Mallik has won more than 26 titles in 13 colleges all over Bangalore just in two years during his PUC career. He was one among the TOP 12 contestants in the famous reality show DANCE+ Season 1 and season 2 aired on the national channel STAR PLUS judged by REMO D SOUZA.

He was also one among the TOP 70 contestants in DANCE INDIA DANCE SEASON 6. He has also appeared on other channels like Suvarna , Zee Tamil , News9, Disney and many more. He has performed with and in front of many Bollywood stars like SAIF ALI KHAN , SHIAMAK DAVAR, KATRINA KAIF, SUNNY LEONE and India’s biggest dance icon – HRITIK ROSHAN. Presently, he is judging and conducting workshops and teaching people of every age groups all over India.

Let’s know more about this talented star in the interview down below :


faizan mallik dance plus 1 and 2 interview dancer reality show
Faizan Mallik with REMO D SOUZA

 In conversation with Faizan Mallik :

1. How did dance become your career?

I never planned to make dance as my career. Initially I always wanted to become a pilot or an architect but then things actually don’t turn out as you plan so just go with the flow. In my academics also I was pretty good but after joining dance plus I thought it can be my career because I made so many contacts and also I got to know that there is so much in dance to learn and explore, so that’s how dance became my career.

2. How do you feel on achieving success at a young age?

I don’t really feel that I have achieved anything yet because if that  is my thinking then  I wont be able to go any further. If I have made a point that I am successful than I will stop right here and I wont be able to grow any further.

3. According to you which phase of your life was the best time for you?

There are a lot of good times when you know your hard work is recognized by someone you admire very much. The best moment for an artist is when your parents feel proud of you and your talent gets recognized by someone.


faizan mallik dance plus season 1 and 2 interview ss
Faizan Mallik performing on the sets of Dance Plus

4. Whom do you consider your role model and whom do you look up to ?

I don’t consider anyone in particular as my role model but I think anyone who is doing good will be my role model. It changes from time to time.  I have seen and worked with a lot of inspiring people and learned from them. I always look for my role model in the inspiring people around me, so yeah they keep changing from time to time.

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5. How do you feel when you perform in front of so many people and audience?

I feel scared sometimes when there is a huge audience and lighting but when I perform I don’t keep in mind that I am performing in front of famous people. I feel they are just normal people like everybody else and I always shake hands with the judges before I perform.  I don’t look at the audience while I am performing, I just look straight and the audience feels that I am looking at them. I always go fully prepared because if you go unprepared you tend to feel nervous otherwise you always feel confident.


faizan mallik dance plus 1 and 2 interview star plus insta dancers
Faizan Mallik with Dharmesh Sir

6. How does your family take your success?

Initially my mom was very supportive but my granny was not but then after coming to dance plus I proved something by coming on TV, so her mindset changed and she feels that he can do something. When you try to pursue your passion they feel you can’t do anything but if you prove yourself in some or the other way, they start believing in you. My family is proud of me and they feel I can do much better so they don’t show much appreciation but they feel nice about my success so far.

7. What is your message to all the aspiring dancers?

My message to all the aspiring dancers would be that just dance. There is a lot of competition don’t worry about that dance is just a happy feeling it should make you feel nice and others feel nice when you are dancing so just don’t make it complicated. Do what you want and learn as much as you can and KEEP LEARNING AND KEEP DANCING.

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