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The Beauty With A Great Cause- Miss Grand India 2017! Anukriti Gussain -The Small Town Girl Who Is Now A Blooming Star.

anukriti gussain interview miss grand india 2017 model actress

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is a saying that was presented by Plato. It is a very simple sentence with a very deep  meaning.The idea of beauty is not just of physical appearance of a person or object. Rather, it is an understanding that gives some perceptual experience to one’s eyes, ears, intellect, and moral sense. Natural, powerful, real beauty, however, originates from within the heart of individuals and when it blossoms, it is expressed as a captivating, exquisite, and alluring spirit that is not easy to contain.

Anukriti Gussain- Miss Grand International India 2017 ??,Miss Asia Pacific world 2014 ,Miss india Uttarakhand 2017  is probably the best example of BEAUTY WITH A CAUSE.  Gusain was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World India 2014 and represented India at Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 an International beauty pageant and finished as 4th Runner Up. She is winner of Femina Miss India Delhi 2013 Crown and Bride Of The World India 2013. She made a come back to pageantry in 2017, when she won Femina Miss India Uttarakhand 2017 and she represented her home state Uttarakhand among top 30 finalists under the new format of Femina Miss India 2017 pageant. She was appointed as Miss Grand India 2017.

After winning numerous beauty pageants as she has won, Anukriti is doing her best to help the society and those in need. The way she is investing her time and efforts in the well being of little kids in need is really appreciable and with it she gives a glance of her beautiful heart thus making her a true beauty.

Let’s know more about this beauty in the interview down below :

Anukriti Gussain actress model miss grand india 2017
The beauty queen- Anukriti Gussain

In conversation with Anukriti Gussain:

Tell us something about your journey so far.

It was an amazing journey from being a small town girl to Miss Grand India 2017. It has empowered me as an individual and given me the strength to face everything in life with grace and power.

Anukriti Gusain beauty miss grand india 2017
Rocking the Saree Look- Anukriti Gussain

As a kid were u always interested in modeling or acting?

While growing up in an educational background I was always inclined towards studies but I always had a dream to represent India and when Miss India came as an opportunity I was more than happy to be a part of it, and there is no better tittle than being known as a Miss India.

How it feels to have gained such a huge popularity at such a young age?

I feel fortunate enough to have had this exposure at this young age but achievements come with hard work and determination.

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How did you feel when the judges announced your name as Miss Grand India?

I cannot express that in words I was so grateful to God ! What can be a better opportunity than this where I will be called as Miss India and will be competing with beauty queens from more than 90 countries around the world.

Anukriti Gusain ngo india beauty queen bollywood
Making world a better place- Anukriti Gussain

Tell us something about your other hobbies?

I love playing basketball, reading books and spending time with my family and close friends.

What are your future plans? Have you thought of joining Bollywood or choosing the profession of an actor?

Miss Grand India has empowered me as an individual and I want to use my exposure and experience to empower girl especially the ones who are aspiring to be Miss India. I m working with various NGO’s and I m looking forward to open more branches so that I can reach maximum number  of people.


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