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Is Food Your Bae Too ? Welcome to the Paradise of Great Food With The Popular Foodie Aruna Who Brings To You The Best Of The Best !

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“Food is the ingredient that binds us together”

A quote strongly followed by the perfect food-lover Aruna Bansal. Being a Delhite and Punjabi, the culture of food has always been strong in her family. “Maa ke hathon ka khana” is what brought out the ‘Foodie’ in Aruna. With almost 50k followers of Instagram Aruna Bansal popularly known as FoodieAruna is also a food blogger. She is also a very popular food reviewer on Zomato. From street food to dhabas to 5-star hotels, Aruna gives the perfect reviews for all those foodlovers out there. So if you are planning to go out and explore all kinds of food definitely follow Aruna Bansal on Zomato, Instagram and go through all her blogs on wordpress. Soon Aruna will start blogging new and unique recipes for all those who love to cook and also will make all those health conscious people aware of healthy eating habits.


In conversation with Foodie Aruna :

1. Before getting into a foodie conversation, we would like you to introduce yourself!

I am Aruna! A true Delhiite and Punjaban. I love to eat and I actually live to eat. I am a self proclaimed foodie. Food is always on my mind 24*7. I love my Maa k haatho ka khana and also Delhi food culture. I am keen to explore food culture of different parts of the country. Well more about me I would say I love cooking too but I don’t know much about cooking. Except food, I love to travel and I’m an online shopping freak too.

2. What is the definition of “FOOD” according to you?

According to me FOOD connects people. It is something that binds people together and also at times makes their relationships stronger and more fun. Food makes friends connect better with each other and spark new conversations with new people.


3. What is your favorite food memory from childhood?

As I love street food, so there was Golgappa serving vendor and at that time he used to sell 10 specimens for Rs 5. So I used to go there and on each Golgappa I used to give him different instructions like put more meetha, no water and all and after 10 specimens, I used to take 2 papris one plain and one with sweet sauce. And one day he told my mom not to send me again as I irritated him a lot. So, yeah that’s a funny and favorite one.

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4. You’re moving to a new kitchen in five minutes and can only take one gadget along with you. What do you grab and why?

Well in that case I would love to take a knife set with me because it will help me dice the vegetables and as I’m moving to the new kitchen I’m expecting pan and gas to be already there.

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Not only covering tasty dishes but places to live by as well- Foodie Aruna

 5. Suppose you get this opportunity to dine in any city any place any restaurant and order any dish. What would you choose and why?

In that case, I would love to visit Amritsar over and over again. I love that city to bits. The food there is amazing and being a Punjabi, I simply love that high on masala and ghee food. In regard to which restaurant, I really can’t say one. I love street food and small street shops that are probably selling amazing food from Amritsari Kulchas to Lassi to Aone Kulfa to Mutton to Cholle puri to Aam Papar to Guru ka Prasad everything is amazing there.


 6. If there is a single thing you would like to change or modify in your favorite restaurant where and what would that be and why?

I’m a street food lover so if I could change anything in it I would go for hygiene. The food is really tasty and one can literally eat that all day, but what has to be improved for the better of everybody is the hygiene at such small shops or stalls. At times the food is really great and you cannot get it inside 5 star restaurants but due to low quality and poor hygiene, you don’t feel like continuing there.

Aruna Bansal foodie food blogger foodie of instagram interview ss
Love for everything tasty- Exploring every bit

7. What ‘foodie’ advice would you give to people willing to start a healthier lifestyle?

Eat everything. Just don’t binge on spicy food and sugary stuff and don’t overeat. Maintain a healthy portion size every time you sit down to eat and just eat properly don’t binge altogether. Also remember to detox yourself after having a heavy meal as it’s very important to do so.

8. Suppose you are to go to a completely abandoned place and have to stay there for a week, and you are allowed to take only 3 dishes with you. What would those be and why?

Water if it’s not there otherwise it would be Matthi, Pickle and Fruits. Because fruits will provide me with essential nutrients and Matthi and pickle will keep me full. Though I would love to take Parathas with pickle but since I’ll be there for a week Parathas won’t work here.

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Bringing the best to you- Foodie Aruna Bansal


9. Tell us in details about your blogging.

About my blogging I’m a new comer into the blogging world, it’s not a full-time for me. I’m more into micro blogging i.e. I post on instagram. And I post majorly about what ever I eat at home or I eat outside be it street food, 5 star, dhaba or restaurant. I post everything I like or dislike. And then recently, I have started my blog on wordpress and there I’ll be soon adding recipe section where I’ll be posting recipes which people ask me for and I’ll be starting healthy eating section too very soon. Well the work on the blog is in progress.

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