It’s Almost Everthing A Girl Would Want! Miss Delhi 2016, Miss Beautiful Hair 2016, Miss Times Fresh Face 2016 | Eisha Vohra

eisha vohra

1. When was the first time you decided to go into the beauty pageants? Have you always been interested in fashion or you developed this interest when in college?

Well, I was a little girl when I started dreaming of this. Fashion has always been an inevitable part of me. However, college did give me, the right platform and hence my journey started.

2. What was your first success in beauty pageants and how did you feel about it?

I was a very under confident child. From being  bullied in school to the person that I am today, it has indeed, been a long journey. My first ever stage exposure was when I walked the ramp in my school, for one of the events. But to be honest, I felt the confidence when I won Times Of India, Miss Fresh Face in college. At first, I had no idea about how big an achievement it was! It was only when Miss Delhi happened to me, that I realized where all this was leading me to. And so, Miss Fresh Face was undoubtedly, my first success in the field.

eisha vohra

3. Pageants go on for days and people tend to loose confidence. Was it intimidating for you?

Ah! This reminds me of my pageant days. Those were, veritably the best days of my 18 years of life! Pageants can be a little intimidating, but it all depends on your outlook. I was very clear about enjoying every moment of my journey. All my co-contestants were beautiful young girls, who I’m sure were just as anxious as anyone else would be. But well, I am a person of surprises. And I love to do what people think I can’t do, so I made sure that everyone(just my co-contestants) believed that I’m worthless, and voila! Here I am. I only believed in doing my thing. One competition- My own self.

4. Getting in this industry must have brought fame to you. What is the response from college professors and colleagues?

Initially, people treated me differently, but I continued to be the demented person that I am, and so things started to fall in place. My friends and teachers, would be the last people, I would want to treat me exceptionally. However, with colleagues, I like to maintain the professionalism. Since I’ve always focused on earning respect in no matter what I do, friends or colleagues, respect remains perpetual.

5. How did Amity teachers support you with your work?

When you’re talented, nothing can stop you. All my teachers, especially my dean, have been extremely supportive of me and my work. They have mentored me and continued to believe in me, through everything.

6. Who has guided you or been your mentor in choosing this field?

I’ve had many mentors. But, “Mother is the first teacher of a child” holds extremely true for me. I am living what once, my mother dreamt of. And nothing feels better than to fulfil her dreams.

eisha vohra

7. Who is your fashion inspiration?

It is hard to name one person, considering there are so many talented people in this industry. So I would rest by saying, that I’m here to be another inspiration, create trends and not to be a part of just another trend.

8. You are taking an year off from this. What are the improvements that you are willing to bring?

I’m a firm believer of holistic growth and thus, I want to work on improving myself in not just one, but all aspects, and be a better version of me, by the end of this year.

9. What are you looking forward to now?

Well for now, I am only looking forward to earn my major in Psychology. And as far as work is concerned, I’m only going for selective projects, since I want to focus more on improving myself.

10. What is the best lesson you learnt from this experience?

Two words- Relentless hustle. There are going to be times when you’re made to feel worthless in terms of the way you look, dress, carry yourself, and basically all the things in the whole, wide world. But what you need to remember, is that YOU are unique. There is no one that is exactly like you. And that is why you can achieve whatever you want. Thus, I learnt to gather myself up everytime someone pulled me down, and work for what I want, no matter what people say. There is no such place in the world, that is not the place for you!

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