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Story OF Delhi Poet- Dheeraj Sharma, Expresssing Today’s Youth Mind and Heart in Perfect Blend.


POETRY cannot be easily DEFINED,  It’s an Echo asking A shadow to Dance!! Poetry  is Thoughts that Breathes and Words that BURN. !!! 

Meet  Dheeraj Sharma, a free soul, a corporate guy, not a writer by profession but still has been sharing thoughts and ideas or feelings with peoples through his page DELHI POET on Instagram and Facebook .

Within few months he has been able to get many followers and we wish him good luck ahead for the rest of his life!


In conversation with Dheeraj Sharma…

1.  Say something about yourself , like the things about  yourself which you would like to share with peoples ?

My name is Dheeraj Sharma, socially known as ‘Delhi poet’ in most of networking handles. I call myself a free soul and an honest believer of ageless love and compassion. I’m not a writer by profession nor my poetry earns my bread and butter, I am corporate guy a bit lost in what I do there! Mocks apart. I’m known to be an avid listener and believe in the genuinity of the stories I hear. As much I love sharing thoughts and communicating ideas or feelings I find true happiness in the stories of people. Which often inspires me, motivates me to write even!

2. Does writing energizes you or exhausts you ? how does it feels when people recognize you and admire you ?

Most definitely exhaustive writing provides me the fuel to work hard and deliver quality in what I write! I believe a constructive criticism and an honest admiration strengthens the writer’s pen. So, yes, recognition helps me to move ahead and instrospect much of my work. What I feel is being delhi poet I have acquired the wonderful ability to listen and understand people and connect to their stories and ultimately building a relationship thereafter. An honest relationship truly based on trust and secrecy where I am told about their stories without any fear or sense of hesitation. My little ability to console and get consoled is just another reward of this process!

3 . From where do you take inspirations for your writing?

My readers are my family who provide me enough inspiration in form of trust and interest they shower upon me.


4 . Are there any memories that is connected to your poems , if you would like to share ..?

I believe you can deliver the most realistic quotes and honest couplets when they are based on real emotions! It can be happiness, sorrow, sheer joy or deepest pain, it can be a feeling of fear or sense of surprise which altogether makes the sketch of my poems!

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5 . What is your message on love that you would like to convey to people , through poem ?

What is love?

Her: What is love?

She asked Him once, What is love?

Him: What is love for me!

Love is most difficult word of this world.

Love is reason to smile, sometimes cry.

Love is a bond which keeps us together.

Love is not easy to get neither to lose sometimes.

Love is the only thing which can never be purchased.

Love is the reason to live and sometimes die.

Love is like watching stars in the sky to which 

you can never catch till it will fall by himself.

Love has only one meaning which is hard to explain

and most difficult to make someone understand.

Nobody is able to give real meaning to love 

Because it cannot be explained in words 

Because it can be felt only.

Love can only be felt in a hug.

Love can only be felt in someone eyes.

Love is a medium to fell togetherness.

Love is called as most painful feeling, but best to 

feel once in a lifetime.

Sometimes it takes 100 of days to love someone.

Sometimes it takes only one second to fall for someone.

You might fall for somebody in the next second.

People say sometimes love happened at first sight.

But love can be happened at first touch.

New born baby start loving her mother from her first touch.

love is unconditional!

Love is waiting for your favourite girl at the bus stop.

Even you owns a bmw and you travel by bus 

To see your girl smile.

Money becomes secondary when you love somebody.

Love is the cure for every problem, sometimes 

reason for every problem.

Love is all you have which can never 

be stolen by somebody but lose.

Love each moment and smile you might lose it next moment.

6. So many people admire you and follow you. How do you feel getting so much admiration for your work ?

I feel loved and motivated and it gives me courage to write more and grow.

7. What are your writings mainly based on ? And how do you get the ideas to start off with the writings?

I am more focused on romance, sadness and depth of love and relatable content to which people can relate and understand and feel connected.  Now a days I am working on awareness content like Periods, sex, India-Pakistan etc.


8. Any advice that you would like to give to the youth  ?

Never Give Up!

If you want to win, you have to lose.

If you know your weakness, work on it and achieve the best you deserve.

If you love somebody, make efforts. Share your feelings with them and never lose hope and you never know you might not get another chance. Just do what you feel. Don’t lose hope. Never make walls around your heart even you fail in anything. Failure is first step to success. You have to taste failure to know the importance of success. Follow your heart passion and love it, it will make you happy from inside and give you permanent happiness not temporary. In starting everything is tough but not impossible. Do what your heart says and respect people.

I believe in you. You have the potential.


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