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Story Of A 15 Year Old Who Mastered Dancing, Yoga, Acting; The Winner of Dance Plus Season 2- Tanay Malhara.


Tanay Malhara, 15-year-old teenager from Jalgaon, Mumbai who conquered The Dance Plus Season 2,a dance reality show on Star Plus. The show was judged by Remo D’Souza as Super Judge and Dharmesh, Shakti Mohan, Punit Pathak as Mentors. The young dancer Tanay was mentored by Dharmesh Sir. Furthermore, Tanay is not only a dancer but also an actor and a brilliant Yoga student. He lives in his own world of dance which he has created around himself.

The achievements of Tanay Malhara in different fields:-

1. Winner of ‘Dance Plus – Season 2’ a reality show on Star Plus channel – 2016.
2. Participated in ‘International Cultural Meet’, China – 2015.
3. Amongst top 7 at ‘DID Li’l Master’ a reality show on ZEE TV -2013.
4. Awarded as a ‘Dancer of the season’- 2014.
5. Gold medals and 1 bronze medal at 7th Asian Yoga Sports Championship, Singapore
6. National Gold medalist of Rhythmic Yoga – 2016.
7. Tanay Malhara at TEDx : Writing your own story | Tanay Malhara | TEDxNMIMSShirpur



In Conversation with Tanay-


Q1. Dancing is a hobby for many but very few can reach heights in dancing as you did. How did you manage to get this success?

This is not the success for me. I have many more dreams and when I fulfill all of them then only I will call myself successful. I have heard success is just a state of mind, so we all can be successful just we have to believe in it. About managing to get the success I follow these commands First, I love working hard and practicing more than everybody. Second, a 10 year’s hard work’s fruit, third is, parents support n teachers motivation and the last one is, lovely people of my area, supportive and there are 1000’s of more reason to get this what I have got.

Q2. At what age did you start pursuing your career in dance?

Actually, my parents sent me to dance class for a competition, so I went n learned when I was at the age of 5 years.

Q3. Did you always want to be a dancer or had any other desires too?

I am still 15 years old now I have started getting dreams or I would call, now I m starting to know myself better and I have other dreams which I want to experience. I never thought because at the age of 5 what will I think except playing or anything else, even I did not know the full form of DID in which I was till top 7 and whatever I start doing I develop the interest in it and I want to learn more.



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Q4. What message are you willing to give to our readers who have the same ambitions as yours?

I too have many more ambitions so we are on the same track. The best way to reach them is through self-experience. No one else will help you or will have the same story as yours so go out and don’t wait for perfect time. This is it… this is your time go and live it.  I m living and I guess you are, too!!

Q5. How do you feel about Winning “Dance plus Season 2” at such a young age?

First of all, I still have no idea how I won it and still I don’t know it’s worth.

Q6. Whom do you consider your role model?

I do not consider anyone my role model. I have many things which many don’t and I know how much I can push. So I think I am my own role model.

Q7. What are your hobbies and what do you prefer doing the most when you are free?

I love watching movies, listening to soothing music and read a book which I like (That’s my fav. ), meditation.



Q8. Tanay, where do you see yourself in future?

I see myself in future doing whatever I like or get a kick in. What it is, I don’t have any idea.

Q9. What can you advise to those people who would like to be a model?

Like modeling? Ok, so then I would say, You are worth it. Do not give up or believe what others say, You are very beautiful/handsome. Wear your smile and confidence and rock it. You rock and no one knows what you can actually do.


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