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Poetry That Leaves You Mesmerised! Meet Cipun Mishra Who’s Painting The World Red With His Wonderful Poetry !

cipun mishra interview ss writer poet

“Poetry is the rhythmical collection of beauty in words.”

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reasons. Poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts; and thoughts, its words. It is the art of uniting pleasure with truth. It is a clear expression of mixed feelings. It comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow. Poetry is not only a dream or vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundation for the future of change, a bridge across our fears for what had not been before. Real poetry need not tell anything, it just checks off the possibilities, opens all the doors, where one can walk through anything that suits them. With a profound anguish in his heart, Cipun Mishra writes passionately for the love of language. Let’s explore his journey in the interview down below.


cipun mishra interview ss poet writer
Redefining Poetry- Cipun Mishra

In conversation with Cipun Mishra:


1) Hey! Cipun, it’s wonderful to talk to you. Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I am Cipun Mishra. I am a 23 year old poet. I co founded Bhubaneshwar poetry club and you can find my poems on my instagram handle.

2) Tell us about the genre of snippets you write

I mostly write poems on instagram, which are written word in nature. I also dabble in spoken word poetry.

Poetry That Leaves You Mesmerised! Meet Cipun Mishra Who's Painting The World Red With His Wonderful Poetry !
Always trying new things.

3) How does the idea behind each one of your poems strike you ?

I mostly attempt writing about my personal experiences. The ideas behind each one of them are waiting to be picked up from the elements of my day to day life. I believe that the inspiration behind each of these operates out of triggers to different instances and scenarios.


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4) Highlight on your poem “Human Sacrifices”.

This poem talks about the futility of chasing imposed dreams. We all grew up wanting to do something in our lives but at some point in our lives, we are faced with a choice to live a part of our dreams laid out by different agents in the society. I use simple language, vivid imagery and real life metaphors and personal experiences to create what I create.

cipun mishra interview ss writer poet

5) How do people respond to your writings ?

People tell me that how my poems make them feel involved and that they are not alone in a particular situation. I often receive a lot of feedback which I respect and express my gratitude. They convey to me that they can relate with my poems to a great extent.

6) Which of your poems stay close to your heart ?

A very short poem – “Nomad” and a spoken word poem- “Permanent Address” are my personal favorites.

cipun mishra interview ss writer poet

7) Highlight on “Nomad” and “Permanent Address”

“Nomad”- is the transition of an abstract thing into non-abstract by  painting an image of happy incident. It seems vague at first, but opens up like a Pandora’s box.

With “Permanent Address”, I have covered the futility of trying to find homes in people, places and time zones as is common to most millennials. It is the dilemma of my life and the best representation of my life’s timeline.



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