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How Blitzkrieg Dance Crew from Manipal University, won Gold medal in Hip Hop International India in 2016.

Blitzkrieg Dance Crew, top dance crew in India which was founded on 2007. This Dance Crew belongs to Manipal University.  The Blitzkrieg Dance Crew won Gold medal in Hip Hop International India in 2016. The Blitzkrieg Dance Crew also represented India at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas. Keshav Goyal is the President of Blitzkrieg Dance Crew. 

– Gold Medalist at Hip Hop International – India ’16 (Megacrew category)
– Revels ’11, ’12, ’14, ’15, ’16 – Western
– NMAMIT(Anandotsav) ’16
– SOC (Article 19) ’16
– NIT K (Incident) ’16
– Bollyshake Online Dance Fest ’16
– Atharva ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15
– Dance Mania Season 5
– IIMB (Unmaad) ’13.
– IIMK (Echoes) ’13.
– Brandscan ’12, ’14.
– Utsav ’10, ’11, ’12.
– Conscendo ’12.
– Manipal’s Got Talent ’12

1.What was your most challenging dance routine? Do you have any favorite?

“Every dance routine is as challenging as others because every sequence needs an equal amount of determination and effort. But if we talk about the difficulty level of a sequence, according to me the krump sequence in the HHI Vegas performance was the most difficult. My favorite sequence has always been ‘Tu Meri’, from a Hrithik starred movie.”

2. If you could go back in time, what advice and lessons learned would you had given your “younger self”?

“I wish I could. I would tell myself to calm down and wait for the time to act. Everything happens for a reason and we have to accept it. All that happens, we must have a positive attitude and must assume that something better is always there in store for us. Trying to not get disheartened is a wrong lead. According to me trying to be content is a much more convincing way of living life.”

3. What were your reaction and your team’s feelings when you got the compliment from Farah Khan?

“Well, we were all out of words when celebs like Farah Khan appreciated our work. Not even her, there were people all around us who supported us and made our dreams come true to go to Vegas. Dancers who have already achieved so much in their careers helped us in our journey to Hip Hop International and we will always be in debt.”

4. What was the audition like and did you believe your team would be on it?

“It was not an audition but a competition. The competition was held at NIT Surathkal during their annual cultural fest. Judges were from the HHI organization and were to select the top teams which will qualify and dance in the HHI India competition in Mumbai. Fortunately, we won the same competition and competed with other teams in HHI Mumbai. After winning HHI Mumbai, we were all set to perform on the biggest dance stage – HHI Las Vegas.”

5. If you and your team could give advice for aspiring young dancers, what did you discover about the industry that you would want others to know about?

“The most important advice would be never giving up on dancing. There will be situations where you will be sick and tired of trying as hard as you can but luck won’t be at your side. What you have to do is keep dancing, grow as a dancer and wait for the right opportunity. It is rightly said that a perfect opportunity and a perfect platform does not come so easily to you. Dance, Struggle, wait and Achieve.”

6.What was the most memorable experience you had while on any of your team’s tour?

“We all went to Mumbai to perform for HHI India. We all went to explore Mumbai and traveled in the locals. The funniest thing that ever happened to me, I got lost in the church gate station. All my crew members left without me and I was all alone with my phone’s battery dead. Luckily, I found them again at the next station. We also went to Vegas to perform and without a say, Vegas is THE place to have fun. Vegas was a wonderful and a memorable experience.”

7.What is something that keeps you and your team strong when things get difficult?

“We talk. Whenever things are difficult or maybe not working out, we talk to each other to resolve issues within or outside the crew. I believe that talking things out is much easier than talking about it behind the back.”

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8. Where do you want to perform next?Future plans?

“We are planning to perform in various college fests all over again so as to provide appropriate exposure to our juniors and we will try our level best to hit the HHI Stage again and make India proud.”

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