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Meet the Girl who is transforming the lives of Children by Revamping Government Schools in Varanasi

Tina Jain, an undergrad BSc student of M G Kashi Vidyapeeth Varanasi,  along with her friends has given a complete makeover to government schools of Varanasi to make it a better place to learn. They got the permission from municipal corporation and transformed the classrooms and provided the students with the basic necessities. The first funder of this project was Deshpande Foundation. They even conducted various workshops to motivate them and encourage them to take a step forward toward learning.

Lets know more from Tina..

1. How did you come up with the idea to revamp the government schools, and making it a better place ?

My mother was always active in social service and making charities. When I visited a government school with her one day, I realized that those school lacked liveliness, the warmth and mostly the basic necessities of a classroom. Then I decided to revamp the classes along with my friends.

tina jain in school

2. Initially did you face difficulty when you started this project ? Were you setback by it ?

Yes, we faced many difficulties like funding which was a major issue, taking permission from BSA officer. At times I was there for the whole day to take permission.
But I give huge thanks to my team, teachers and our funders who supported me at every stage.


3. How difficult it was to manage this project along with your studies ?

Ya I was not able to cope up with my studies as well as the project. As I was the leader of this project so, whenever I used to go for studying , I was always just thinking of ideas for the project but as we say it was a learning for me as well so I talked to my professors on this matter and they guided me to balance things in life and they encouraged me for the same.

4. All this while, did you get the support from your family ? What was their reaction to this ?

My parents were very supportive on this matter, my family always loves to help children and the needy ones. I think its all because of their support and trust on me that I was able to do it..
They didn’t think of the society, instead they supported me, thats a really big thing.

5. What was the measures adopted by you to modify the conditions of the government school ? Was it successful ?

We first planned to be very friendly with the kids n teachers so that whatever problem they have ,may be from school or personal life, they can share with us freely. We painted the school, got the students desks and chairs and conducted various workshops involving teachers to make them learn and understand in the most fun way.

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6. What was the outcome of the workshops conducted by you ? Did you receive a positive response out of it ?

We received a great response out of the workshops conducted by us. We conducted workshops like painting, drawing, craft, planting, dancing and much more, which came out to be very successful. The students could show their talents and also learn a lot out of it. They were very happy and satisfied. We even got talented students to get enrolled in an academy to enhance their skills.

7. How do you feel, changing the life of so many children and giving them a better life ?

Aah!! I feel wonders like out of all school i completed one near to my place. They still come to share their problems with us. I just can’t express how it feels when you work for others, when you try to find happiness in other’s happiness, when you put up full effort to do what you heart says, you find the reason to be alive, when you just want to speak your heart out !! Now, this is the perfect time to express that awesome feeling!!
Trust me, it’s like dream come true!

8. Would you like to give some tips to the viewers for transforming the lives of Litle ones ?

To all the people out there, I would request you to stop getting children into child labor and treat them with nourishment, love and care. They are the future of our nation. There is no happiness better than helping a needy one. The only need is to step up and take it forward.

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