She Is Killing It On Social Media! A 21 Year Old Fitness & Fashion Blogger, Brand Accelerator & Influencer, Asmita Arora

Asmita Arora Fitness

Asmita Arora, a 21 year old is completely into Fashion, Fitness, Blogging and many more. Asmita is a brand accelerator for a dozen of national and international brands. She has already worked for PCJ,, Fab Alley, Violet Box, Urban Clap and many more brands. She has an army of fans following her, with 162k followers on Instagram, 6k followers on Snapchat, Roposo and Facebook. All of this just through her dedicated hard work in the field of fitness, fashion and blogging.

Asmita shares how she has achieved so much in such less time.

Q1. Tell us something about yourself.

Haha I am a Girl, who can’t stand on a single thought and will be with bunch of thoughts in her brain all the day . I am someone who is very strong in her ways and emotional towards her family. I was born and brought up in Delhi. I am a graduate from Miranda house, Delhi University. Currently, I am pursuing Master’s degree in Psychology and plan to get a certification in nutrition and dietetics as well. I am also working as a social media marketer and an Influencer for a lot of brands.


Q2. Fashion, Fitness, Blogger, Influencer. You are a multitalented person. How do you manage so many things together?

The key is time management and then comes passion. There has to be a driving force, a target that you crave to achieve that will get you to do the work.


Asmita Arora Fitness


Q3. Fashion and trend are the two things that constantly keep on changing. What are your favourites at present? How do you keep yourself updated?

For a fashion blogger or a drooling stylist, keeping up with the pacing fashion world is an important deal. One has to stay on top of his/her game and explore different tunnels for a vivid inspiration. But at the same time I feel that one should create his or her own fashion. Let your imagination go wild. Street style gives you the  opportunity to  mix, match and experiment. Street shopping comes as a breath of fresh air and leaves you with a world full of coloured ideas and imagination. The streets possess a magical sense of ethnicity and help to get a chic look.


Q4. Share you fitness mantra – your daily dose of workout.

Look in the mirror …. That’s your competition. Work on being your best self that removes comparing yourself to someone who you never could be. It takes away any possible bad or good genetics that you were given. All you focus on is being better over time and being the best you you can be. That’s exactly what keeps me going and motivates me to workout. My workout typically includes a combination of functional exercises and strength training.


Q5. Tell us about a typical day in your life.

Blogging has been a life changing experience for me. It has given me a lot of flexibility in regard to my schedule. There is hardly a case where I don’t work anymore. My day typically starts at 7:30am. I wake up and check all the recent updates on my social media handles which I think is a bad habit and I need to change that. I grab a small snack before leaving for the gym. I come back and work on my blog posts followed by replying to emails. I check, if I have any important shoots or events to attend on that particular day. I come back to spend time with my family. On weekends, I have my classes and that’s how I spend my day.


Asmita Arora Fitness


Q6. What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in coming five years?

A blogger, nutritionist, entrepreneur, brand accelerator, YouTuber …. excelling in all fields.


Q7. Being fit and in perfect shape is everybody’s aim these days. It requires immense amount of motivation and inspiration to do daily workouts with the same amount of dedication. What inspires you the most to work hard daily? What should be the motivating factor for the people who want to be the same?

Being in my healthiest and happiest self, I have the opportunity to inspire and support others. Getting fit is the first step that I’m taking to completely change my life and invite blessings and positive things into it. If I can commit to this first goal, then my other goals will be that much more achievable. Also, I so wish to enjoy my next vacation at the beach with the body that I have always wanted. I wake up daily with an aim of having perfect body and motivate myself to work even harder for it.


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Q8. Any messages for our readers?

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish in life, and strive to do better than the goals you have set for yourself.

Be your own best competition.


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