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Whoa! Your Every Problem Will Seem Miniscule In Front Of What She Has Been Through! Big Salute | Konkana Datta

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Do you find yourself stacked against obstacles ?
Got stuck in an unending road of adversity and feel like luck is kicking the shit out of you?
Do impenetrable barriers loom over you right now, in the immediate present?
Well, many of us deem our dreams as –
Exquisite, yet improbable.
Home, yet foreign.
Comforting, yet a bit intimidating!
We generally feel a sense of belonging and foreboding at the same time, when a vast amount of mystification about our aim enfolds us. We may feel vulnerable, weak and unprepared. We may also feel free, determined and unstoppable, nonetheless we fail to liberate ourselves from the chain of mediocrities!
Thus, I request you to go through this story about the girl called Konkona Datta, entitled to “Ms. Teen 2012” and also accorded with Young Leaders Award 2017. She has successfully maneuvered the array of landmines, the landmines that manifested as pitfalls i.e. Osteoporosis on the pathway to her ambition.

I’m sure after reading this, you find your problems as miniscules infront of what she has been through!
Despite of being exposed to every facet of misfortune, she challenged all the hurdles with fitting attitude, unwavering optimism.  

You will be bewildered with her steadfast willingness, and without budging an inch in her confidence, how she took her journey from surviving to thriving!

Read on her story :

1) Many of us have deep rooted insecurities for minute things, how did you manage to deal with the disease you’re suffering from? You never felt insecure ?

Ans) Throughout my childhood, I had been suffering a lot. I was diagnosed with Typhoid at the age of 3. Unfortunately, it was way too late, doctor mentioned that there were very rare chances of my survival. Some how I escaped from the jaws of death!! Regardless of my survival, I was prone to further sickness (osteoporosis). I accepted the way I was, didn’t allow this illness to curb my pathway.

2) At any point of time, did you felt as sheer misfortune for being victim of osteoporosis and wished you had normal life like others. How did you withstand this whipping disease?

Ans) Everyone around me had a normal life, whereas coming to me, I had to undergo uphill struggle for each and everthing. Sometimes, I used to feel jealous of others, infact that endless comparison incubated more of yearning inside me. Daily, I used to miss one class, took a bus to the nearby local park and hung to the bar. Believe me, I continued to do this for 3 months inorder to increase my height. I even joined gym to circumvent these height problems. Things were hazy at that time, howbeit I didn’t stop chasing my dream, I could see me dream more substantial than those stoppages!!

3) Did you ever feel like you were thorn in your parents side? Protuding thought of burying your dream deep inside. Any such thoughts have ever muddled you up, when this height fluctuation dampened your digilence ?

Ans) No, my parents were very supportive. They reassured me saying that – “you are not behind, you are just on your own path!!”
I also happen to suffer with anemia and vitamin D deficiency, because of which I wasn’t able to walk after a few days. I was forced to take many leaves in my schooling and this same thing continued in my graduation also. Everyone presumed that I would be chilling at home, incontrast I was fighting my own battle. Fluctuations in my height broke me down, ripped me into pieces! I often cried whenever my dream seemed far fetched!! As a result of my own self-defeating thoughts, I ended up into depression for 3 years.

Konkona datta pic
Konkona datta pic

 4) Your ambition of becoming Ms India isn’t a cakewalk. People might have taunted and judged for choosing this as your career? What would you like to say about this?

Ans) I wasn’t that good at academics. Many of my friends used to think that I would end up doing nothing, at times they even made fun of me. It often hits me, when people tend to judge others, without having any idea about what they might have been going through. Definitely marks are not gonna define us. I guess it never striked them to look on the other side of the coin!!

5) What is that only thing, which has driven you so far, the thing that accompanied you in dodging hurdles cumbering your way?

Ans) Right from the beginning, I was crystal clear about what I want and I was very much committed towards it. I do acknowledge the fact that, if god has gifted me with this life, there might be some reason behind it. I wanted to make every moment of my life worth living!! Besides, I truly believe in –
“life lived alone is no life at all!!” I wanted to help people and capture million hearts with my resilience.

Konkona datta picture
Konkona datta pic

6) Despite of your height issues and rejection in campus princess, you bagged “Indian Youth Award” and “Miss Teen award”, tell us the secret behind those procurements?

Ans) I wasn’t allowed to contest for campus princess since my height again dropped to 5’4 which was bit depressing for me. Yet, I continued to participate in many other competitions. I was entitled as “Ms Teen Personality” when I was 13 years old. I did try my hand in modelling for a short period of time. I was also offered with various roles in movies, nevertheless I declined them as I wanted to be more focused in attaining my goals. Helping others has always been one of my strengths, as it makes me overlook my problems atleast for a while. I distributed books and sanitary pads to poor children, women. My social service was recognised with Indian Youth Award!!

Konkona datta picture
Konkona datta pic

7) You mentioned, you weren’t that interested in regular academics, instead creative arts captured more of your attention, is that true? How did your interest spark in theatre acting?

Ans) I was inquisitive in creative arts and poetry too. I have flair for acting even. At very early age, I was trained in quite a few danceforms like jazz, contempory, salsa. I’m always keen in performing arts. Furthermore, I was accorded with prizes in dancing and acting as well!


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8) Tell us more about the NGO which you are planning to join.

Ans) I am yet to join deepalaya NGO, where I would lend a hand in teaching English to students.

9) Any message you would like to deliver to common people out there?

Ans) I just want to say that life is short!!
Believe in yourself, run on your own track!! But, don’t forget about your parents on the way to the top. They are the ones who have raised you, so be regardful to them. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Reinforce the importance of giving back with some kind social work. And the desire to start something at “right time” is usually just a justification for delay. In almost every case, the best time to start is now! The best thing you could do is master the chaos inside you, so that even if your thrown in fire, you will survive because the fire inside burns brighter than the fire around you!!

Konkona datta picture
Konkona datta pic

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