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This Will Motivate You To Aim Higher! Learn From “Miss Face of Central India, 2015 | Aishwarya Mishra

Aishwarya Mishra

Aishwarya Mishra, Miss Face of Central India 2015 is an attractive and presentable model. She has made good work and wants to stay in the field of Fashion!

“FACE OF CENTRAL INDIA made me a better person”

She says,”Facets for fashion Industry are you must have a strong passion for fashion as well as for business and finance and have good communication skills. She desires to be a Brand, to be known as a Paradigm. To be one of the most successful women of India. Aishwarya has done various Fashion Walks, Commercial Shoots and have also judged the fashion shows.

In talks with Aishwarya:

1.What all shows have you done before getting the title Miss Central India 2015?


Ans.  I didn’t do any shows before FOCI. It was my first show and I worked really hard for it.

2.What changes have you experienced in your daily life after being crowned as Miss Face Central India 2015?


Ans. I would like to share that when I got the title I was 18. Before winning,  I told my mother – Mrs. Pariksha Mishra about this competition she was okay with my participation. She said if I win, only then I can continue being in this profession or else I will have to just focus on my further studies. I am really passionate about modelling so I took it as a challenge and gave my 100% to this. And, I won !!!!! I became the first MISS FACE OF CENTRAL INDIA (2015). It was the most memorable and proud moment till now. My family was so proud, especially my parents were happy more than me. Making parents proud is the most precious award one can ever have.

After being crowned as Miss Face Of Central India, I have gone through many changes in my daily life. Before getting this title I used to be a simple college girl, less communicating, had small circle, limited friends. But after winning this competition I got new lifestyle, new friends, I met so many people for several different works which has brought a different level of self confidence in me.

I got hoarding shoots for respected brands of Chhattisgarh, I have worked in ad shoots, have walked in so many shows as showstopper, got the honour of being a judge in many respected fashion shows, have walked in different Fashion Weeks, got offers for movies and song albums. This title has changed my life in a better way, people call me their idol, I have been honoured as a celebrity of CG.

FACE OF CENTRAL INDIA made me a better person and all this was a dream that has come true because of the extraordinary support of my parents. I got this opportunity because of SAURABH TIPNIS Sir and RAHUL KUKREJA Sir, they have trained me for this competition and certain challenging phases of life, have always put me first everywhere. I can never get enough of thanking them. I would like to give credits to INDRAJIT BOSE Sir for enhancing my beauty and talent by clicking my pictures in different manners. Thanks to my friends and my closed ones who have always supported me in good and bad.


3. Who is the most influential person in your life?


Ans. My Father – Mr. Anoop Mishra, not only because I am his daughter but also because he has never treated me any less than a son. He never restricted me for anything, from going anywhere for different shoots, wearing what I love to. He has always influenced me to work hard whatever the circumstances are as I have seen him working for us, he has taught me to be happy in every situation. Whatever I do I always have this thing in mind that my father has a blind trust on me and I am keeping this forever. I am here because of his support and trust.


Aishawarya Mishra pics

4. While giving auditions for Miss Face of central India, state any incident when you  enjoyed extremely being at this platform.


Ans. Although, the whole event of FOCI was enjoyable and memorable but on the first day of auditions there was a person taking pictures of every contestant. He took some good pictures of me as well. The very next morning I woke up and papa said that’s you in front page of Dainik Bhaskar. That was my first picture in newspaper and I can never forget that happiness. Yeah ! I still have the paper cuttings.


5. What do you think was the most challenging phase of contest miss Face of Central India 2015?


Ans. It’s true that winning a title is of course challenging. I had enough of confidence to walk on ramp and answering all the questions but the most challenging phase was winning the hearts of the people you are being judged by and the mentors who train you. I wanted to be known as an obedient contestant to my mentors and I have become their favorite till date.


6.What are you preparing for next?


Ans. Yeah !! I am looking forward to participate in different beauty pageants and trying luck there. I am really working hard for it like I am working on my body, learning different languages, gaining general knowledge and being more focused about it. I believe if one focuses on something and works for it then success is definite.

Aishwarya Mishra

7. Other than this what are your area of interests?


Ans. I also have interest in MBA – FINANCE. I have just completed my graduation in B.Com and I want to complete MBA as well. I am so much into reading novels. I like to sing and listen to music, peacefully. I am planning to learn horse riding. I have recently joined Mix Martial Arts classes. I like maintaining my wardrobe, carrying myself in a classy way.


8. What do you think is the essence of winning any fashion Show?


Ans. I guess !! the essence of winning any fashion show is  “Being Realistic”. Confidence, attitude, body language, lifestyle, dressing sense all these factors are important but secondary. Primarily, one should be Down to Earth, should be practical. Must have the ability to win the show of course but the hearts as well.


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9. What do you consider the important facets of the fashion industry?


Ans. Firstly, you must have a strong passion for fashion as well as for business and finance. This job does not include designing the garments by yourself. But you should have a good idea about the designing part, different types of fabrics and pattern cutting techniques. This will help you to converse with tailors and understand their perspective and give your views as well.

Secondly, good communication skills are also important since you need to continuously meet and communicate with clients.

Thirdly, keeping oneself updated about the fashion industry is very important combined with knowledge on the history of fashion and evolving changes over time.

Forth facet is if you really wish to stick to this profession, having knowledge about different brands is very important.


10. Where do you see yourself in next ten years?


Ans. I want myself to be a Brand, to be known as a Paradigm. To be one of the most successful women of India. I see myself working with international clients, earning in millions. I see myself working for the society, helping the needy people. Making my dreams come true and my parents as well.

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