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“Splitsvilla 10 Helped Me Battle Depression”, says the 20 Year old Actor, Model & Anchor : Archit Bhatia

student stories interview archit bhatia

Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.

Talking about importance of ‘hard work’ and ‘never giving up’, we bring to you one such eminent personality who lives by these words- the 20 year old Anchor & Actor Archit Bhatia who hails from Surat, Gujrat and has gained massive popularity by being the ideal match of MTV Splitsvilla X hosted by Sunny Leone & Ranvijay Singh, a platform which gives exposure, confidence and fame to every youngster participating in it. He is very close to his family and especially his sibling, Sachin Nayyar. Archit is a professional model and a fabulous actor by profession. Born on 17th October 1997, Archit has completed his elementary and secondary education from Seth Dhanjisha Rustamji Umrigar Memorial High School and C.S Vidya Bharti English School, Surat, respectively.

His mesmerizing looks and appealing physique has earned him a huge female fan base and he has more than 30k followers on Instagram already. Not only is he a model but also a State Level Basketball player. The young anchor and model is working hard to establish himself in the acting field as well. He is an inspiration to many youngsters who want to try their hands in the modelling and acting field. So, let’s explore the story of Archit Bhatia in the interview down below.

Archit Bhatia model actor anchor student stories interview
Success comes to those who work hard for it- Archit Bhatia

In conversation with Archit Bhatia :

1.What made you suddenly go for Splitsvilla and what was the feeling when you got shortlisted?

Basically, I was a kind of depressed for days due to some personal reasons and suddenly one day I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed and had a look over the auditions of Splitsvilla 10. So, that is when the thought of being a part of Splitsvilla for finding a match came to my mind and that made me enter the reality show. It was indeed an awesome feeling that I got selected for the same. I always wanted to be in that show and fortunately I became a part of it.

2. Tell us about your complete experience in SplitsVilla X?

It was completely an out of the world experience. I got to meet amazing people and the most popular hosts Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. Got to be with super rocking and happening fellow contestants. I have gained a lot of experience and exposure due to the reality show. I have learnt how to act even when the situations are not according to your comfort. Overall it was a memorable experience.

Archit Bhatia splitsvilla 10 model anchor interview student stories
Splitsvilla X was a memorable experience- Archit Bhatia

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3. As we are aware of the fact that you are very popular as a model. So, when did you start modeling and who inspired you to do so?

No one as such inspired me to join modeling, it was my own interest and decision which motivated me to try my luck in this field. It hasn’t been long enough that I started off with my modeling career, it’s just been a year.

4. Tell us about some of your achievements.

The only big thing I am having right now on the list of my achievements is Splitsvilla. Other than modeling, acting and achoring I am also a state level basket ball player. About my achievements , this is just the beginning of my career, I am learning, I am experiencing, and I yet have a lot to learn and achieve. There’s still a long way to go.

Archit Bhatia mtv splitsvilla10 anchor model interview student stories
I still have a long way to go !- Archit Bhatia

5. How have your family and friends supported you in your entire modeling career and also in your decision of going to Splitsvilla?

In my opinion family and friends matter a lot in terms of motivating and encouraging you towards your goals and other daily battles. When they got to know about SPLITSVILLA they were pretty excited regarding the same. My
family members too supported me mentally and physically throughout my modeling career. Sneha, this girl supported me through out.

6. Tell us about the struggles that you’ve faced, if any?

As it is said ‘no pain no gain’, so yes I did struggled a lot to reach at this position where I am today. I gave large number of auditions for Splitsvilla. I had to travel to Mumbai from Surat for auditions. But it is the best feeling when you achieve something big after lot of struggles, so yeah I believe my struggles were worth it.

7. What are your expectations from your modeling career and what are your future goals regarding it?

Well I am working hard for establishing myself in the modelling field. I am learning a lot by being part of different projects every now and then and also interacting with different people and experiencing a lot. And I am expecting some good projects in future where I can show my modelling and acting skills and establish myself as a successful actor.

Archit Bhatia model actor splitsvilla 10 interview student stories
I am working hard to establish myself as a model and actor- Archit Bhatia

8. Is there any special memory in your life or your career you would like to share with us?

There are indeed many memories in my life, in Splitsvilla and in my career as well, but there’s one that I’d love to share – I had bunked my classes in 10th grade and had gone to Daman which is 150 kms away from my place, and that is where the scene went wrong and I faced major problems which I can’t tell but I’ll remember this day throughout my entire life.

9. Any message you would like to give to all the young aspiring models?

All I want to say is that believe in your self, have faith in your dreams and just follow your heart. No matter what others say be strong and confident in your field, that will bring you success for sure.

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