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Lawyer From Jammu & Kashmir Becomes Miss India 2017 Runner Up-Dreams Of Restoring Peace In Her State ! Meet Sana Dua- The Army Daughter

The night of the grand finale of Miss India 2017 was full of glitter and glamour. Amidst all that were young women of the country, brimming with hope and the zeal to make a change. One among them was Sana Dua, Miss India 2017 runner-up. The 24-year-old from Kashmir is not just a face of beauty, for, she herself believes that she’s shouldering greater responsibilities. On one hand, Sana harbours dreams of sharing screen space with Deepika Padukone on the other, she worries about restoring peace in her state.

 ”Peace in my state first. It’s time my triumph changed the face of the state,” Sana was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

After winning the title of Miss India 2017, Sana participated in Miss United Continents contest in Guayaquil, Ecuador in September 2017 and made it to the Top 10. She was born in Assam in 1993, in a Sikh family whose roots are in Jammu and Kashmir. And that is exactly how she perceives secularism in India. ”I have a Muslim name Sana. And at the pageant, when my friends and colleagues would ask me what religion I was, I said I am a Pa’aji.

Sana was a determined and disciplined girl since her childhood days, credits to her family’s army background. Sana studied for five years at the Army Public School, Noida.  She finished her Graduation in Law from the very reputed Punjab University in Chandigarh and this was the biggest turning point of her life as it made her analyze and comprehend the violence perpetrated against women. ”When I took up law course at Panjab University in Chandigarh, the desire was to be aware of my rights. But soon, I felt that I could change lives with the laws that women of this country do not know of,” she adds.

Sana has practised Law before entering the Glamour World in 2015. She’d worked in Jammu and Kashmir High Court for a year while practicing with another advocate. She was given Femina Style Miss Diva North, 2016 award as well.

Miss India 2017 RUNNER UP- SANA DUA

 In conversation with Sana Dua :

1. “Miss India” runner-up 2017 and “Femina style Miss Diva North”,2016 , such great titles with which you have been entitled. Tell us about your journey.

It’s been a wonderful journey. I believe God has been very kind. I’ve received a lot of love and a lot of support from people all across the country and I truly feel lucky and blessed to have gotten the opportunities to prove myself in such a way.

2. “Peace in my state first. It’s time my triumph changed the face of the state.” This quote itself is powerful to bring a Change; what are you doing to bring a revolution in your state?

The first and foremost change I’ve brought in my state is to win this from Jammu and Kashmir and reinstall everyone’s faith that yes we can. It’s for the first time someone from Jammu has won Miss India 1st Runner Up and a lot of notions have changed. A lot of people who weren’t in support of the path were the ones cheering for me during my International pageant.

Sana Dua Miss India 1st runner up 2017 interview student stories jammu and kashmir
My victory being from Jammu proves that yes we can- Sana Dua

3. Sana, your father was in Indian Army and you have done your schooling from an army school. You didn’t dreamed or aspire to pursue your career in the same field?

It might surprise a lot of people but I did appear for JAG and tried my luck there as well. A wonderful experience I must say, but destiny had planned something else for me and I’m happy to be where I am today.

4. You have finished your graduation in law from Punjab University, Chandigarh and you have also practiced law in the Jammu and Kashmir High court. How did you switched from becoming a lawyer to enter into the glamour world?

I think glamour is something which is also inbuilt. I remember how excited I was to buy a variety of black and white attires that I could wear to the court. I’ve always enjoyed being on stage and although this transformation has been the most difficult for me, but I think this side always existed in me, all I had to do was let loose and explore it.

sana dua jammu and kashmir interview student stories miss india 2017 fbb
The journey to Miss India 2017 was full of challenges – Sana Dua

5.) “Lisa Haydon” is an idol for many upcoming talents. You too idolize her or do you have an idol apart from her?

I have a lot of idols. I look at so many personalities and try to take whatever good I can from them. “Deepika Padukone” and “Priyanka Chopra” have really inspired me. I dream of sharing screen space with Deepika Padukone.

6. Sana having a dream of sharing a screen with “Deepika Padukone” and on the other side you want to bring peace in your state. What are you looking forward to do in the coming future to achieve both of them?

Why? Is there a problem in balancing the two together? Your career along with wanting to do something for your state, I don’t think so.

interview student stories jammu and kashmir model actress fbb models beauty paegants
 Balancing career and other aspirations to perfection – Sana Dua

7. To achieve such huge success is not an overnight process but a slow and steady one. Is there anything you want to convey to young and passionate dreamers for achieving heights in our respective fields?

It’s rightly said:  “Slow and steady wins the race, Take one step at a time and be cautious enough. Make sure your education doesn’t suffer and don’t make your dreams suffer either.”

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