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19 Year Old Ananyaa Mehra, A Select Writer At Terribly Tiny Tales Whose Writings Will Leave You Awestruck!


19 year old Ananyaa Mehra is a final year student at University of Delhi. She is currently pursuing Bachelors of Commerce. She is a select writer at Terribly Tiny Tales whose pieces of work leave one in wonders. Writing is her favorite thing to do and she loves it from the core of her heart and got into it when she was in standard 5. She started by writing poetry and while she grew up, she now writes about everything her heart desires. Her tales will immediately take you to a land of heartfelt emotions. She has a lot of other hobbies and interests besides writing, one of them being a die-hard fan of Marvel Movies!

“For yourself and everyone, keep writing” – Ananyaa Mehra

In a conversation with Ananyaa Mehra..

1. Hello Ananyaa, for all those who do not know you, tell us something about yourself.

Hey there! So I am Ananyaa Mehra, a final year Delhi University student pursuing BCom. Well, I hope to get into a good college for my MBA and other than that, on a lighter note, I love to write. And other than writing, my hobbies include dancing, reading books, playing basketball and watching movies. I love spending time with people I know and if I have to describe myself, I would just say “I am happy, a little shy and a little different”.

2. How did you get into creative writing? Did you always want to be a writer?

Well, yes. I still hope to become a writer someday and publish a book soon. When I was in class 5, that was when I got into creative writing. I started by writing poems. And as I grew up, I started writing about almost anything and everything.

3. What do you like to write about?

I prefer writing about people. About what we all go through in our head, about the little things we all miss out on; because that’s the first thing I observe in people. Other than that, some of the pieces I write are also based on personal experiences. But yes. I can try to write about everything if I have to.


4. Do you think a piece of writing can change minds and convey ideas?

Definitely. I have come across so many people, including myself, who changed the way they think because of some pieces that someone had written. It’s just that, there should be a good reach of every piece that is being shared. Influencing people or changing the way they think, isn’t an easy thing to do. But I think, some people possess the magic of words. In just 4 lines they can make something negative seem like the best thing that has ever happened.


5. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would it be?

3 words. Okay, I’d describe myself Happy. Curious and Different in 3 words.

So full of life and love, Ananyaa Mehra! <3

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6. What do you do other than writing? Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I do! I love to read books. I am also a trained Western and classical dancer and I love to play basketball, football, badminton. And I love watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies. I am a crazy Marvel Movies fan and can watch all Shahrukh Khan movies a hundred times.

7. What do you aim for in the next 5 years?

Well, I hope at the end of five years, I have a job and would have completed half of my novel at least. Also, I hope I stay the same person that I am today. Because that’s the thing with time. It changes people. And I don’t want to change.


8. What would you like to tell other aspiring writers?

Honestly, I am also an aspiring writer only. But, to all of you out there who write, don’t leave this passion. Writing is probably one of the most beautiful forms of expression. And everyone can write. We all have stories, waiting to be heard. So keep writing, because there are a lot of people out there. Like you and me who share similar stories. But are too shy to face the world. So for yourself, and for everyone too. Keep writing.


We wish Ananyaa the best of wishes for her dreams!

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