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The Largest Civil Engineering Fest Of The Country Is Here! IIT Bombay Presents The 10th Edition Of Aakaar on 17th-18th March 2018.

  Aakaar, IIT Bombay, is the annual technical festival of Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay. Aakaar has been working as a great platform for the students across the country to showcase and enhance their skills and talents at the highest level since its inception in 2009. Aakaar is now Asia’s largest civil engineering festival.
There are many competitions held in Aakaar such as  BridgeIt, CENEx , Smart Pitch which let the students compete and enhance their practical knowledge and expose them to the various industrial demands . As a part of knowledge sharing endeavour, many software workshops are conducted viz, Etabs, Autodesk Civil 3D, StaadPro, BIM, Revit etc. National level Civil Engineering Quiz is conducted every year named CiviQ. And many more fun events are a part of Aakaar which makes the learning extremely interesting . Be a part of Aakaar, IIT Bombay’s 10th edition on 17th-18th March 2018.
International Civil Engineering Symposium, IIT Bombay as a part of Aakaar provides young and budding researchers to present their work in front of distinguished professors, best civil engineering leaders and up against the best civil engineering students!
 A diverse range of competitions to assess ones  competence as a civil engineer and gauge ones logical skills are organized . It will give you just the right stimulus to outsmart your rivals. Be it intelligent structure designing, optimizing transport networks or insane quizzing contests – they have had it all and much more.
This is your chance to make it large on the big stage! ! 
The various competitions you can particpate in are listed here !

Smart Pitch


Aakaar, IIT Bombay launches SMART PITCH, a platform to pitch an idea for a smarter India, presented by Startup Buddy Services Pvt. Ltd. in association with E-Cell, IIT Bombay and Student Alumni Relations Cell – SARC, IIT Bombay.

Smart Pitch Competition aims at providing a strong sharing platform and offers a unique opportunity for the entrepreneurs, alumni, corporate people and college students alike to get involved in the development of smart cities, to exchange ideas and foster the new integrated approaches in India.
We are inviting startup ideas based on Internet of Things(IoT) in undermentioned sectors:
1. Smart Transportation
2. Smart Construction Techniques
3. Smart Living
4. Smart Society
5. Products on Disaster Management 

 Smart Transportation 



Have you ever been to a Smart City ?

A smart city should be easily accessible to visitors and residents, and travel across the city should be problem-free. The aim is to provide a multifaceted, efficient, safe and comfortable transport system, which is linked to Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and open data.

Smart Construction Techniques 


Smart buildings deliver extremely useful  building services that make occupants productive (e.g. illumination, thermal comfort, air quality, physical security, sanitation, and many more) at the lowest cost and environmental impact over the building lifecycle. They use information technology during operation to connect a variety of subsystems, which typically operate independently, so that these systems can share information to optimize total building performance.

Smart Living

Smart Homes connect the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you. Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and at your command and the home reacts, whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone.

 Smart Society


Smart Society provides Internet based solution for the end-to-end Management of Office & Apartment Complexes (Commercial & Housing Societies). Through automation & timely information, Smart Society helps reduce time, effort & manual errors, leading to lowering the overall costs of managing the complex.

Products on Disaster Management


Natural disasters can strike anywhere, anytime. But people are always thinking up new and innovative ways to provide relief when catastrophes occur.The main aim of this sector is to introduce new products which can help us tackle with such situation in a better manner than the present situation. 

Mentorship will be provided for shortlisted ideas for one week by renowned industrialists, entrepreneurs and IIT Bombay professors.
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Deadline for registration: February 18th 2018, 11:59 PM. (No Registration Fees)


Poster Presentation

Aakaar, IIT Bombay presents POSTER PRESENTATION , a platform where the success of an engineer is determined by his efficiency in communicating his/her ideas. Aakaar IIT Bombay  brings you “Technical Poster Presentation” to enhance your abilities to deliver visual presentations alongside sharpening your technical knowledge. Participate to evaluate your communicating abilities and improve your knowledge in civil engineering fields.

Technical poster presentation is the presentation of research information or an idea with an academic or professional focus on a poster. For any professional, communicating his/her idea efficiently determines his success professionally. The primary motive of this competition is to enhance the ability of delivering a visual presentation without any other audio/video aids.

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Deadline for registration: February 10th 2018, 11:59 PM. 



Aakaar IIT Bombay

Aakaar, IIT Bombay presents  SEISMIC , a platform  to promote the study of earthquake engineering among students.

Did you ever wonder, how safe is your residential building or office building during an earthquake? The Indian subcontinent has a background marked by devastating earthquakes. Earthquake resistant structures are designed to perform better during earthquake. AAKAAR brings you a challenge where you get to design efficient and sustainable earthquake resistant structure. It is a great opportunity for students to come up with an innovative solution for the crisis that our era is facing.

All the best !

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Aakaar, IIT Bombay presents CiviQ , a National Open Quiz competition which promises to test and tease participants’ brains accompanied with lots of fun and entertainment! It provides a platform to compete with the best brains in the country and an opportunity to showcase your skill and knowledge. This quiz consists multiple exciting rounds indulging participant’s minds on Civil Engineering, Logical and Analytical skills and general awareness.

Set the stage on fire ! 

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Conquer It

Today, the use of lightweight concrete materials is a growing demand. It has been practised since ancient times when the Romans built Pantheon, the aqueducts, and the Colosseum in Rome. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Concrete is one of the forms of lightweight concrete. It is created by using small lightweight EPS balls as an aggregate instead of the crushed stone that is used in regular concrete. It is not as strong as stone-based concrete mixes, but has other advantages such as increased thermal and sound insulation properties, easy shaping and ability to be formed by hand with sculpturing and construction tools. It is used for constructing road, thermal controlled wall and bridges etc.

Go , Win it !

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Deadline for registration: February 12th, 2018, 11:59 PM. 

Bridge It


Have you ever wondered how the famous Howrah Bridge or the Laxmanjhula was built ?

Designing a bridge for  hilly areas is very challenging as land is too much undulated therefore designing of the bridge with footings at different levels is required for such areas. For such kind of bridge, we need to consider horizontal sway forces along with dead and live forces. Thus Aakaar, IIT Bombay is launching the competition to design Trussed Arch Bridge

Be the next Bob !

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Deadline for registration: January 31st  2018, 11:59 PM. 

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