Don’t Miss This Chance Of Knowing How To Rise Above All Odds In Life | Read Akshay Nayak’s Inspiring Journey

akshay nayak

Akshay Nayak, being an Intrepid Guy has overcome every challenge and has headed towards his Passion ,”Fashion Field”.

He is a small town boy but yes now has achieved many titles such as Mr. Face of Central India 2016 and targets for the Mr. India in Modelling and Men Physique.
He says that, “Fashion Industry is his Passion” and believes in having FAITH in one’s self and the Work.

In Conversation with Akshay Nayak :

1. When did you first feel that you want to make your career in fashion Industry?

I was always trying to find that way which can give me a platform to make my own identity, fashion Industry is like my passion and I believe If you are highly passionate about anything in this world, you can achieve it.

I want to share my journey – I was in Raipur and I always thought of Modelling, There happened one audition, I asked them to allow me to register myself but they said that the auditions were closed. Then there was a guy who was listening to our conversation, he came to me and told me that I can walk in between the ramp show but cannot participate.
This person was Rahul Kukreja, He made my dream come true. it was the biggest thing of my life. I wasn’t good at that walk. I decided I have to do something and now If I have got this opportunity, I’ve to fulfill it. It was then that I decided to make my career in fashion Field.


2. What are the titles you have won till now?

I have achieved the various titles, some of which are – Mr. youth of Chhattisgarh 2013, Mr Face of chhattisgarh  2014, Mr Face of Central India 2016.

akshay nayak

3. What transformations you have experienced after getting the title for Mr. face of Central India 2016?

I got offer to work with respected brands like Snap Deal, Myntra, Mink.
I got a chance to walk in International Fashion Show, honoured as the celebrity of Chhattisgarh and have got movie offers.
This title transformed me, and also with the guidance of my father Rajesh Nayak who always motivates me for my passion. I am here because of my passion.
After winning this, I met a person Saurabh Tipnis Sir, he is like my mentor and he has offered me several works for some shows. He always guides me for the further steps in Modelling Field.
This title has won me respect.


4. Tell us about the time when you found yourself in the highly challenged situation? And How did you cope up with it?

My life’s best and worst part is that my backbone had an operation (slip disk). At that time I was nothing less than a dead body. It was even difficult to move my body at that time(2014).
I can’t forget the things that happened to me. I lost all my hope but there was a person who was always pushing me, his words were “I can’t afford you to sleep in bed, wake up and go smash that hurdles you are afraid off” and “what atmost will happen, you will die only, go and die but I can’ afford it” and that person was my father.
He is my motivator, mentor, friend and everything. That time was very difficult for me.
My Mother and my friend were my biggest support who helped me to face this situation and always supported me.

My father teaches me that become Friends with your pain and that pain will become your biggest strength, and I did it.
In any condition always remember the fundamental thing – FAITH- in you and your work, do it harder!akshay nayak


5. What do you think are the tactics for winning the Fashion Show? What principles do you follow to win the title?

Look, In my ways Modelling is all about your dressing sense, good diet and a confident personality and according to me you should carry a very good physique to look attractive and at same time it gives you much more confidence to show your self, so you should follow : walk, good dressing sense, perfect diet, humour, gym, body language, positive attitude and full of confidence which comes from reading book magazines about modelling, you should learn how to walk and you should follow the instructions of your mentor and just Don’t Work Hard in fact Work Harder!
And lastly, one must be a humble kind of a person.


6. Other than being the winner of these titles, have you done any Ad Shoots?

Yes, I have done shoots for brands like Myntra, Mink and Snap Deal.
And have also done movies of Bollywood like “Life m Twist” and “Mission Chhattisgarh.”
Along with this, I have done some shows like Walk for Charity, International fashion Week for Khadi to count a few.


7. What is your next target goal? What do you desire for?

My next goal is to win the title for Mr. India in Modelling and Men Physique too. I’ll also try for the acting field, it’s like my ambition to make my own name my own identity.

akshay nayak

8. Who is your idol in the Fashion Industry?

I always try to follow Hrithik Roshan and I am sure that I’ll meet him one day. He is an Actor, Model and he has a very perfect personality and a perfect different style too. He is the man whom I follow!


9. What are your other areas of Interest?

I am interested in gymming, personal trainer and nutritious specialist! I wanna share the most special thing of my life, I just love to help, my heart always feels bad for needy and poor people and therefore I am trying to do something big which in turn would be helpful for them. It’s my life desire to make a huge house for them.


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10. How far you want to move in this field? Are you also interested in the field of Acting?

According to me Modelling is a field which helps to improve your overall personality, which helps you to boost your confidence, which I really got from this field!
Yes I am interested in acting because acting is a big art and I want to learn it, as many are here to play cricket, football etc. and as I love acting, the same I choose what I love!
I am a small town boy, my hometown is Sarangarh. I was a sporty boy, Sports is like in my blood, I always tried to be a different person from others. I never allowed myself to live a common life. All credit goes to my father Mr. Rajesh Nayak.


11. What advice you would like to give to the youngsters who also want to establish their career in this Industry?

My advice for youngsters is that if you are coming to this field just do it from your heart and If you’ll do it with all your dedication, concentration, passion then definitely you’ll be a successful person.
Nowadays, I can see that people are loosing their hopes quickly, I want to say that there are no Magical Fixes, It’s all up to you. Always remember, never blame anyone for your problems – “It’s your world upon you.”
If you are doing something you’ll definitely face ups and downs, face the situation, smash them and go ahead.

All the very best to everyone! Lots of Love. Keep Smiling Always.


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