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Introducing the search mode into our lives is a totally new concept. Because search mode is about coming out of our comfort zone and experimenting with new things. Trying new things is an arduous journey though !! But there are few “free spirit” explorers who always want something that tugs at their heart.. something that is worth of their aspiration, something that they dream about, something that fulfills their souls!! They thrive hard for it and, refuse to cripple with fears of failure..Furthermore, I guess doors are always open for those who are bold enough to knock!! Hello everyone, this is the story of top-tier fashion blogger Aashna Shroff… the dynamic women ruling the blogosphere, raking in instagram with all her personal style.

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1) I heard that, you were a preschool teacher pursuing B.Ed before you got into fashion.
Right from the beginning you had plans of getting into this or blogging captured your interest in a trice?

Ans) I experimented quite a bit in different fields before I finally got into blogging, so I did have plans of becoming a full-time preschool teacher at one point. But I wasn’t as passionate about teaching as I was about fashion and beauty, and that’s how blogging captured my interest.

2) Was it easy for you to navigate through road of blogging and experiment with your style ? Or was it like the bushes and brambles of other existing bloggers be-speckling your route map, furthermore adding up to number of stumbling blocks you had to cross ?

Ans) I consider myself lucky to have started my blog at a time when blogging was just growing in India. Even today, 3 years later, many people still don’t know what blogging actually is. It definitely hasn’t been a smooth journey, every job has it’s ups and downs, but I have always been true to my style, and I’m glad that my readers enjoy the experimentation I do from time to time.

aashna shroff
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3) Many of us are scared to take up something new, explore unknown territory.. convulsed with cracked intrusive thoughts, thoughts of ending up as mediocre fissure rather than shooting stars!! Have you been through this stage at some point of time ?

Ans) After trying my hand out at photography, interior design and teaching, I was most definitely afraid to enter a completely new career path, but I’ve always been determined to get what I want. So I kept pushing the thoughts of failure, and other fears I had away, and just focused on doing my thing. I truly believe that hard work pays off.

4) You are a great admirer of Blake Lively, so is there something about her, which fillips your personal style ?

Ans) Although I’ve always loved her style and taken inspiration from it sometimes, I’m more a fan of her witty humour haha. I think she’s beautiful, and when it comes to her style, she’s always so poised and perfectly dressed, but the thing I pick up most from her personal style and try to incorporate myself, would be her confidence and the way she can pull off just about anything.

5) You have mentioned in one of your interviews that, you have fondness for writing! Is that true ??

Ans) Yes, I’ve always enjoyed writing. I’ve grown up reading a lot of books, and I just like the process of writing. I don’t complicate my writing much, I use simple words, but I just truly enjoy it and find it quite therapeutic sometimes.

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6) You have started your own online store “the snob shop “, how did you come up with this the word “snob”, do you find that word describing you to the fullest??

Ans) Haha the word ‘Snob’ doesn’t describe me at all. It’s more like a positive connotation on a negative word when it comes to my store/blog. I just randomly came across the word ‘snob’ in a dictionary while struggling to find a name for my online store, and thought it would be perfect. Just adding a little bit of fun haha.

7) Every profession has its own pros and cons, what are yours??

Ans) If I were to actually sit and list everything down, this would go on for a while. But to name a few, I think getting to do what I actually love as a full-time job is a pro. Not to forget being able to travel, try on new beauty products and also get exposure to the newest in fashion. My biggest pro would have to be my readers. I’m so grateful for the love I get, be it online or in person. Meeting them makes me the happiest.
Coming to cons, I think having so much of your life made public with so many people judging on social media, is a big con. It’s easy to sit behind a screen and judge someone without knowing much yourself, and that leads to hate, which is also another difficulty. No complaints though, I decided to take up this career, and everything comes with good and bad. It’s part of life, and I’m more than happy to overlook the negative since there is so much more positivity to focus on.

8) There are many girls, who want to leave a trail in the fashion world, but the insecurities of getting into defeatist list, at times twitchiness of being judged even for trying bold lipstick, things like these stop them at crossroads.. So is there any message you would like to convey to them?

Ans) I always say this, and I know sometimes it’s easier said than done, but trust me, not caring about what others say or think about you, and just wearing everything with confidence, works wonders. Try it out, thank me later haha.

aashna shroff
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