Who Said Bikes Are Not Meant For Women? Meet This Biker With Hijab, Breaking All Records! Aisha Ameen

aisha ameen biker

Aisha Ameen qualified her schooling from PIONEER MONTESSORI INTER COLLEGE (ELDECO BRANCH)
and presently resides in Lucknow, India (U.P). Currently, the girl is persuing Journalism and Mass Communication from Babu Banarasidas University Lucknow. Perfect example of ‘girl living life on her own terms and conditions’, let us gear up to know what she has to say about her ‘biker with Hijab’ forte.

Q) How did biking come your way?

A) Well It was my childhood dream to ride and drive everything, leave alone bike. And now successfully I have achieved it. The biking came my way one day in morning.  I was reading NAV BHARAT TIMES newspaper where I saw the advertisement about organizing bike rally for empowerment of females in Lucknow on women’s day. That was it! I became excited and eventually I participated. From that time to now, I got many opportunities for riding bike outside and that is how biking came my way!

Q) Do you have any religious constraints regarding your biking?

A) No, Not Actually!  In fact I get support from my family. If a girl follows her passion with her religious ethics and law then no one can raise questions on her. And my motive has always been to show the world that a girl in ‘Hijab’ can also be a part of the modern society. There is no obstruction for a girl associated with ‘Hijab’ that could stop her from being modern and civilized.

aisha ameen biker


Q) Do your family relatives and extended family members object to your passion for biking?

A) My family is very supportive! Allah has blessed me with heaven in their form. I got God as my parents. They have always supported me and motivated me. Talking about my relatives, I am like a role model to them!

Q) Tell us about your parent’s reaction when you cracked this to them for the first time?

A) Like every parent, they were little bit worried as it was the first time I was taking part in bike rally. They became even more concerned when they got to know that I have to go out of station for my bike rally. But after all, they trusted me and seeing my efforts, they gave me a nod!

Q) What is the best thing you love about biking?

A) With biking I feel like I have wings! It feels like I do not care what pseudo society thinks about me when I am riding a bike. With my love for biking, I want to change the mentality of the whole community and also of the pseudo liberals. I want to give a message that people should respect all religions and support dreams of females, irrespective of her religion.

aisha ameen

Q) Which has been your most thrilling journey with your bike till now?

A) A trip from Lucknow to Varanasi via Allahabad is the best one till now. While I was on my journey, somewhere in the middle I got anxious but I constantly pushed myself to go ahead and face the fear. From there on, I clearly got a deep message in my conscience which says that facing your fear is the secret of success.

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Q) What would your advice be to the girls who are scared to come out in public and express their love for bike riding?

A) Dear girls, don’t think, what people think about you as it is not your job. No one is going to give you the luxuries of life and neither the perception of people is going to bring any positivity in your life. It is your life and you should break the rules and boundaries. Come out of your shell and face the world. You know what is better for you, it is you who knows your journey and no one is walking in your shoes to understand your life path! So break the hesitation and follow your passion, no matter what it takes. Trust me, if you do this, you will be terrifically successful. Do not get frightened, it is very easy to ride a bike or a bullet!

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