LEGEND! A “NATIONAL LEVEL” Hockey Player Winning GOLD Thrice! Story Of Ajit Pandit

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He is a self-confessed rash and a talented player. Ajit Pandit is bestowed with gold and silver medals for Punjab in Senior Nationals Tournaments and is now adding feathers to his caps by continuing his Hockey career. Here he shares his interests and how it all started!

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Q) How did you started playing hockey?

A) I am in relationship with Hockey since 2007. I was in standard 7th then.

Q) Tell us about the moment when you decided to take hockey as a career?

A) When I was selected for getting coaching in renowned Surjit Hockey Academy in 2008, it was then that I realized that God has provide me with a great platform. That was there time that by using this platform I can build strong career in Hockey.

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Q) Who supported you when you were struggling and were trying to make your place in Hockey?

A) There are many people whom I call my “pillars of support”. My family, seniors, coaches, friends and off course Hockey Punjab. Everyone of them have been an important in my life in my Hockey career.

Q) Tell us about the other things that interests you apart from hockey?

A) Apart from my love for Hockey, I love spending time with my clan members and friends. My friends are really dear to me. I also have great interest in music, romantic movies and books.

Q) Which moment is special one for you in your Hockey career up till now?

A) It was the time when I attended India Camp. I would say that there have been more than one special moment in my Hockey career for me as winning gold three times and silver once for Punjab were also my special moments.

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Q) How do you escape from your tough schedule and ease your mind and body?

A) Yes, schedule is hectic and sometimes it gets really tough and I need to relax myself. For that I swim and take nice sauna bath. Spending fun times with friends also takes away the pressure.


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Q) What trick do you apply to avoid apprehensions and nervousness before an important match?

A) If nervousness and anxiety ever grips me, I just plug my earphones and play soothing music and try to concentrate on all the positive thoughts. This is my way to stay away from negativity and nervousness.

Q) What is your aim regarding hockey or what is the platform you want to achieve in hockey field?

A) I am satisfied with what I have but as a human being, I have a desire to help the underprivileged to the extent I can. That is what I want to do because it gives me great happiness and strength. Also, I would want to mention that for me, my biggest assets are my parents and it is because of them that I am standing at some position.

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