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‘This is your world, shape it or someone else will’ Are The Refreshing Thoughts Of A Young Blogger From New Delhi ! Meet Vishakha Vij- The Style Diva

vishakha vij lifestyle blogger interview ss

Meet Vishakha Vij, aged 21, from New Delhi, who is a lifestyle blogger, who has transformed her dreams into reality and plans to reach greater heights in future. The name of her blog is ‘The Urbane Log’. She knew that she was not a person who would do a 9 to 5 job in future, but do something unique for herself and make the world admire her. She believes that failures are the stepping stones to success. She says that no one can become a blogger overnight and may sometimes even require years of patience to eventually become successful.

Vishakha says that when writing is combined with fashion and outfits, it does wonders and she thinks it was a game turner for her. She further plans to start You-tubing and wants to see how that will affect her blog. She works very hard to create creative new content for her audience. She says when one believes in himself, no one can stop him. For further details about Vishakha, read the interview below.

vishakha vij blogger lifestyle stylist interview ss




1. Do you think young adults should consider blogging as their full time career option?

 Yes, definitely. In today’s dynamic world, blogging is emerging as a full time career. I know people who have taken up blogging as a full-time career. This has been possible because of the way our social media is changing and reaching to one and all.If you would have asked me this, three or four years back, I would have been a little apprehensive about it, but then a blogger is not made overnight. You need time, sometime days, sometime months or sometime even years to finally start earning through blogging. You just need to have that determination and that confidence in yourself that come what may, I cannot stop blogging.

2. Who inspired you the most?

I always had a penchant for writing, When I was in 12th standard, I realized that a 9 to 5 job was not my thing. I then saw many young girls living their lives on Instagram, writing about what they like, curating looks and hacks for their audiences.I was so fascinated by all this in my first year of college. I was actually researching about their lives from their social media channels and interviews. I learned a lot about how they failed so many times and learned from their failures. I was majorly inspired by Ms. Shreya Jain and Ms. Kritika Khurana(ThatBohoGirl). Then in the second year of my College, I finally started my own lifestyle and fashion blog called The Urbane Log!

3. What is your schooling background and tell us if you were interested in blogging from the initial years?

I’m a commerce student. I did my schooling from Bal Bharati Public School, Pitam Pura, Delhi and I’m currently doing Bcom(H) from Rajdhani College, Delhi University. As I said, I always loved to write and didn’t know much about blogging in my schooling days. I have done content writing for few websites before I started my own blog.Then I got to know about this whole blogosphere. I decided to hop in and give myself a chance. When writing came together with my passion for creating looks and outfits, the game changed in my favor.

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4. Where do you plan to reach in future?

I’m gonna amplify my blog and start You-Tubing soon. Let’s see, how YouTube changes my blog. I am really excited for it.
vishakha vij blogger lifestyle stylist interview ss

5. Was there any time that you struggled? If yes, tell us about it.

The Urbane Log is turning 1 this 12th,December, so yes, everyday is a new challenge and a new struggle. Creating original content for my lovely audience, keep them engaged, gaining followers the organic way is all a part of my struggle period and journey. It’s all something to be happy about, something to be proud of, because The Urbane Log is what I have structured, constructed, and am nourishing myself wholeheartedly.

6. What is your motivation? Tell us what keeps you going on.

My biggest motivation is the belief that I myself and my parents have in me. Like most of middle aged generation, my parents knew nothing about blogging when I started. They were confused at first but as and when things started falling into place, my parents were delighted. Even during the initial days, they always had my back and motivated me with full enthusiasm. My parents, my lovely audience and this cut throat competition keeps me going.

7. Finally, what will be your advice to all the young bloggers out there?

My message to all the young bloggers will be to “never give up” If you are into blogging with full devotion and hard work, nothing can work against you. Nothing is more pleasurable than the feeling that you have accomplished something on your own. It may take time but you’ll reach your milestone one day. I live by this quote “THIS IS YOUR WORLD, SHAPE IT OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL”

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