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She Is An Incredibly Bold Person And A Multi-Talented Performer ! Meet Vishakha Sodha Who Is A Senior Account Executive in Public Relationships, An Actor, A VJ & An Influencer.


Ms. Vishakha Sodha, is a young artist and has achieved a lot of things in a very short span of time. She works at Gecko Worldwide, but her passions have got her way more out of just being an accounting executive in public relationships. When asked to describe herself in a word, she replied saying that she is ‘stubborn’. We can definitely say she is stubborn because she never gives upon anything and works very hard to fulfill her dreams. She is very disciplined and one can easily get inspired by her.

Ms. Vishakha Sodha, who has started a revolution in itself which is popularly known as ‘#allaboutcurves’. In this special initiative she says that women should not be embarrassed about their bodies and curves and fall in love with themselves. According to her there is no harm in just being yourself. She says that when we start treating women as human beings and people and not as ‘women’, only then things will change and will start having an impact. Tune into the interview down below.



1. As you have explicitly mentioned on your Instagram page that you are not a blogger, tell us what exactly is your profession.

Blogger is somebody who writes, who expounds on a specific genre. My genre being majorly fashion, I don’t believe in writing on what somebody needs to wear, how to pair a white tee or sorts. I trust pictures take the necessary steps and being it a fast paced world, nobody truly has that opportunity to sit and read blogs.
 Discussing my profession, I am a Senior Account Executive in Public Relationships with Gecko Worldwide, an Actor, a live stream VJ, voice over artist, and an influencer.

2. Tell us, what is ‘allaboutcurves’ ?

 All About Curves is truly about a typical human body which is made of curves and that is something we should not be embarrassed about. We have to quit fixating and revering the digitally embellished magazine covers and just start being sure of our identity. There is something many refer to as a “flawless figure” and I wouldn’t deny that, the correct shape, those abs, consummately formed thighs do exist, it’s not all editing all the time. Yet, it’s alright on the off chance that you are not one of them, because there is no damage in being you!

                        VISHAKHA SODHA ACTRESS VJ ARTIST INTERVIEW SS                             

3. Being a woman, do you think it is difficult to have your voice heard?

 No! the question itself disturbs me. For what reason do we say “being a woman”. Would we be able to rather term every one of us as individuals or human beings? When we begin changing that on base level, at exactly that point it will have any impact.

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4. Who inspired you the most in your journey?

From a long time now, it’s my best friend Priyanka Kaler. I have been one of the individuals who ran behind just losing weight and disregarding the rest. She has been motivating me to eat right, do the correct exercises. “Focus on being fit, focus on losing the fat percent and not the weight” she says. She will likewise indulge in a Nutella waffle with me yet get all worked up on me not taking care of my body.

5. Describe yourself in one word.


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