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You Would Salute This Genius After Reading Why He Rejected A Whopping 5 Million Pounds Offer For His Website

mohhamad ali

Meet Mohhamed Ali, a 17-year-old who hit the headlines in 2016 for rejecting a £5 million offer for a website he designed himself. It was a whooping offer over Rs. 42 crores that he said no to. He built the website when he was 16 year old. Currently doing A levels in Maths, Law, English and Geography this young tech entrepreneur and programmer rejected the offer in hope of making more cash and here he is: Mohammed Ali, the  Chief Technology Officer of WeNeed1 at 16.

Not only this,this self taught programmer has many more acheivements in his closet. He created the popular game Project in 2006 and is the CEO of his own media agency which developed web applications and mobile apps. He was also the CTO of World Currency Gold Rates. In addition he has delivered speeches to inspire other entrepreneurs worldwide in countries such as Dubai.

WeNeed1 is a price comparison website that puts the buyer in control which aims to change the way real time data is collected. He developed an algorithm that brings both buyers and sellers together – with the seller getting alerted of business. Ali coded the WeNeed1 platform single-handedly in his bedroom based in Dewsbury whilst studying for his A-levels.

In conversation with Mohhamed Ali:

Q: So tell us something about the offer that you received? And why didn’t you accept that offer?

The main reason I rejected the multi-million pound offer was because if it was already running – and doing well, there was no reason to sell. My vision for is to take it worldwide and help end poverty using the platform. will be launching in India soon to help consumers save time and money as we have received a huge amount of feedback.


Q: When did you start learning computer coding? How did you got so perfect in it?

I learnt computer programming aged 12 independently by watching YouTube videos and reading books. It was a struggle at first as it was something new – and I had to juggle it in with school. The reason I got perfect in programming was due to making mistakes and amending them to perfection.

Q: How does your money saving website works? What triggered you to build it? is a price comparison service for buyers who are looking for sellers, with our reverse marketing platform, brings buyers and sellers together. Using keywords, sellers can be alerted via email with the keywords that they set and their ‘ inbox’ of a potential buyer and therefore the seller could have a sale. It works both ways, as the buyer is also alerted and notified of a potential seller. brings the buyer and seller from anywhere in the world.

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Q: What struggles did you face reaching out here? What were the prior requirements, resources and commitments required to make this successful?

There were many struggles when I initially started, the first struggle was multi-tasking my financial work with school. In addition to having no funds at all, and no help from my family – I knew it was virtually impossible to fulfill my dream of becoming the next Bill Gates. To overcome the struggle, I learnt programming!

Q: Tell us about your first company and how it turned down a multi million offer?

I used to run a website development company prior to the launch and success of As the CEO at 15, I have travelled all around the world alone to attend conferences and meetings, in places such as Dubai, London and New York.

Q: What are the fields that you are basically working in? What are your future goals?

I work as a java programmer and am a full-stack developer at but my responsibility as the Chief technology officer (CTO) allows me to have full independence with the technology which ensures the best user experience for our users.

mohhammad ali mohhammad ali

Q: What do you think is the most important part for the success of any startup/website ?

Initially, I wanted to help students save time and online by putting them in control – and saw opportunities to help save consumers money in every market there is around the world – all the way from property to electronic goods using the platform

Q: Your message to the young entrepreneurs and coding lovers?

For other young entrepreneurs, the best advice I can give at 17 is to go out there and just do it, as there are many individuals and companies that are looking to invest! If you have no funds, learn a skill and grow from there, however it does not have to be coding; It can be anything creative. You may be looked down at due to your age – but focus on your goal to become the best – nobody will turn you down then.


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