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You Should Not Miss The Chance Of Earning Money By Dumping Garbage | Read The Story Of “KRRYP Garbage ATM”.

Four students of Sundip Polythenic came up with an extraordinary invention of garbage ATM which makes you earn points if you dump the garbage in the ATM. After, dumping the points can be redeemed for recharge or shopping. The ATM is named after its own inventors “KRRYP Garbage ATM” stand for “Krutika Rahul Rushikesh Yash Parkash”.

1. Where did the idea of making garbage ATM come to you?

We came up with the idea when the “Swachh Bharat Mission” was in boost and we thought to make something that will help us to get clean environment. Our guide Prof K. T Agrawal thoughts on this were that we should create something that will attract people to dump their garbage into the dustbin.  It took approx 6-7 months to create this project.

2. How did you choose the name KRRYP Garbage ATM? What does KRRYP stand for?

KRRYP stand for “Krutika Rahul Rushikesh Yash Parkash” these are the initials of the project inventors. We chose this name so that whenever a person uses this project it should remind our name and as it gives reward throwing in Garbage so KRRYP Garbage ATM.

3. What was the initial reaction of your parents, teacher, and friends upon this idea?

The reaction varied from people to people like our family and guide were very happy on our thoughts as we were contributing to the country’s welfare and growth. Some teachers didn’t support this idea but we had planned to prove all of them wrong and we were successful in this. Now each and everyone is proud of the initiative we took.
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4. How did the initial months of setting up the Garbage ATM go?

Initially, we faced a lot of problems as coding for this project was not that simple. Availability of equipment with good accuracy was not available in Maharashtra. But, slowly and steadily everything worked out and things went smoothly.

5. How do this ATM work? What is the process?

It is an interactive garbage bin that helps keep the surroundings clean. “At every spot, there would be two bins placed with A and B on it respectively, along with an LCD display screen and a RFID ( Radio-frequency identification) reader. There is a Card which has to be swapped first, as soon as the information about the individual is loaded on the RFID reader, a General Knowledge question pops on the display. From the two options available, you need to choose between A and B by dumping the garbage in that particular bin. Based on the amount of garbage thrown into the bin, some points will be added to the card. This can be later used for recharge or as shopping points”.

6. What were the reactions of sponsors?

Well, the reactions of the sponsors can be well imagined by the answer that we don’t have any sponsors yet. We need sponsors but we believe as everybody has started believing in us one day we will win the heart of sponsors too.

7. Have your products been practically implemented ?

They have not been implemented yet but the prototype is been presented in various projects competition in Maharashtra and Delhi. People are eagerly waiting for this project so that they can earn something from the waste. We are usually praised a lot for this project everywhere.
garbage atm

8. How has your life changed after being successful in your project and getting recognition for the same?

We never ever thought while making this project that we would get so praised for this. Yes, things have changed now immensely, thinking of people has changed for us which is a major win. Their way of looking towards us have changed now they respect us even more. Most importantly our families are very proud of us and the spark in their eyes speak everything.

9. What will be your message for the youth who have ideas but are little nervous and afraid at the same time for implementing them?

The message for youth is that first dream and please do implement that dream. Everyone will criticize you like “this can’t happen”, “this is impossible” but we should get even more inspired by these people and prove everyone wrong. The dream you imagine the hard work you undertake speaks one day all you need to be is patient.

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