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Breaking The Stereotypes Set For Models In The Indian Society With Her Talent And Confidence, Meet Sana Mongia!!



“Take care of your inner spiritual beauty

  That will reflect on your face”

Sana Mongia, who started her modelling career from an  e-commercial shoot for beauty brands ended up realizing that this was the only thing she was always willing to do. Being inspired by her grandmother, Sana has always tried to stick to the thoughts and ideals of life taught by her grandmother. She has always believed that the stereotypical standards set for models- lithe figure, skin tone and a set height  have no value and is all set to change those with her style, talent and confidence!!

Sana is the youngest female to be featured in Style section twice in two different big fashion magazines!!


Let us peep into her life through this short interview:

 Tell us something about your modeling career?

It’s been just two and a half year since I’ve started with it but it’s  been the best learning experience so far. I’ve never wanted to restrict myself to one area of Modelling be it e-commercial or advertorial but to experience all the opportunities that every area of Modelling gives me.

 How did all this start? Why did you choose to be in this field?

Initially, I never wanted to get into it and definitely had seen no future of mine in it . But one day I got a call for an e-commercial Shoot for a beauty brand, being in front of the cameras and the whole envisaging experience made me realize my fondness for this field. I was so happy doing it that I started doing shoots for free just to get experience and exposure.

What are your goals as a model?

As a model I could’ve goals just like other models do, like to walk ABC ramp and be in XYZ magazine but for now my no.1 goal is to break the stereotypical standards set for models- lithe figure, skin tone and a set height. I want to be recognized for my skill and talent and confidence that I exhibit in front of the camera and give every aspiring model a message of self love & body positivity.


 Were you always interested in modeling or facing the camera?

Not at all but yes as a child, I always wanted to act , mimic or do catwalks.

Whom do you think has acted as a role model in your life?

It would definitely be my grandmother. She’s always inspired and been my role model from traveling the world at age of 50 all alone to never giving up at any stage of life but always stay positive happy and motivated .


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How do you manage to maintain your figure?

I’d be lying if I’d say I starve myself or avoid my favorite eateries ! I workout 5 times a week and my workout involves Pilates , cardio and tabata . I also make sure to avoid fried and refined food and food rich in bad carbohydrates.

What is the most necessary thing that you consider is important for being a model?

Confidence and morals , if you’re not comfortable  in your own skin it will show in the results and if you do not hold your morals high you’ll be sold in the industry like a product .

If not a model, then what would have been your other career option?

Definitely an actor or a designer with her own label.




Can you share some of your achievements with us?

I was the youngest female to feature in style section twice in two different big fashion magazines like cosmopolitan and the rest of my work I do , I let it speak for itself.

Any advice that you would like to share with youngsters aspiring to be in this field?

Believe in yourself and never give up on your talent ! If you think you can do it ,your half the battle is won . Do not be consumed by the superficiality or pressure of the industry but hold your head strong .

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