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These Teens Are Beyond “Genius” ! Developed 12 Mobile Apps, In Forbes Asia Under 30, Founded A Company And Still Counting!

Kumaran Brothers

Shravan Kumaran, 17 year old studying in 12th grade and Sanjay Kumaran, 15 year old studying in 10th grade are being identified as the ” Youngest Mobile Application Programmers in India.”

They have also created a company called GoDimensions.
And they also have been featured in Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list.
They have been awarded as Young Achievers of Digital India by CNN-IBN and CISCO in July 2016.

Up till now they have developed more than 10 Mobile Applications, all of which have excellent download rate!
They have a keen eagerness to develop their own organisation and make it a globally recognized brand.

In conversation with Kumaran Brothers :

1.What made you interested to move in the field of App Development?

We have always been interested in customers since a very young age. So we always wanted to create software applications. But when the mobile platform came, we realized that the mobile platform has bigger potential as compared to the computer. So we started to develop apps for the mobile.


2.What was the first app you developed? How many downloads it has?

The First game we developed is called “Catch Me Cop”. It has received over 40,000 Downloads.


3.How many apps that you have created are in the iTunes or Android store? Which one has larger no. of Downloads?

We have created over 12 applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Market.
All put together have received over a 100,000 downloads!

Kumaran Brothers

4. Tell me about a time when you failed, like you had an idea in your head but failed to implement it.

We get a lot of ideas on a day to day basis. But not all of our ideas get implemented. This is due to lack of time. This is just a hobby for us and we are not doing this full time. So, sometimes we have to choose the best of all the ideas and then fully work on one of the ideas.


5. After the development of your first app, what response and feedback you got from your friends and family?

When our first app got release on the App Store we were super excited and we got a treat from our family and to learn that our app received over a 1000 downloads within its first week without us marketing about it.
It was truly an Amazing Moment!


6. Who is your idol, What inspires you the most about them?

We both are inspired by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. We love the way Steve Jobs thinks about his devices’ User interface and User Experience and Bill Gates in his marketing Strategies.


7. In such a competitive world, How do you make yourselves ready for regular studies and making applications simultaneously?

We both follow this kind of time table.
After coming back from School we both study for 2 hours, program the code for an hour and then we play for an hour.
This timetable helps us to stay on track.

8. What are your career goals? where do you want your career path to get established?

We both want to earn a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and then continue working in our own company.
To make it a great product, making company from India.


9. Tell us about your other Hobbies.

We love to play Cricket, watch Football and also playing Xbox.


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10. What is the next kind of app you are working on?

We currently released a new app called “GoDonate” which is a platform on Play store meant for sharing of items with charities or with people in need around you.
A donor could upload the item he wants to share, then a receiver could use the app to see these items and then they could get in touch with each other.
This app is currently available to a selected number of cities and we are working to get in touch with more charities and NGOs.

kumaran brothers

11. What suggestion will you like to give out to young app developers?

Do what you love and Love what you do, only then you can be Successful!




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