Be The Change You Wish To See! Proved By Shrey Surya Mishra | An Entrepreneur, An Artist and An Orator


Shrey Surya’s passion is to change the world for a better tomorrow. Founder of Nerdy Academy, a professional home tuition, Shrey believes in having a free liberal culture at Nerdy and deals the problem in an efficient manner. He is a versatile Entrepreneur and has keen interest in Cosmology and Probability. He is also an Artist and Orator.

In Conversation with Shrey:

What do you think are the must rules for being an Entrepreneur?

*Every Entrepreneur should be willing enough.

*He/She should be hustling & happening.

*He/She should be courageous and confident.

*He/She should be specific & significant.

*But most of all, He/She should be perseverant & disciplined.

*Every Entrepreneur should be able to focus on the positives & ignore the negatives.

*More of a Doer than a Dreamer.

*Entrepreneurs know that “Direction is more important than dedication”.


Tell us something about your startup “Nerdy Academy”.


Nerdy Academy is a professional home tuition service provider for students of classes Nursery to 12. We revolutionize the tutoring industry with one-to-one education. With a workforce of 200 tutors in each city, Nerdy is growing, one city at a time. Our tutors are wide & versatile in their qualifications & designations. We aim to cover the globe. We’ll make learning personalized. We’ll eliminate unemployment by generating jobs. Believe us when we say, we can & we will.




How does your team work in the Nerdy Academy? Tell us something about your work principles


We love our work. We love the concept. Everyone in the team is a firm believer that Nerdy Academy will soon cover the globe. We work as the best startup in central India.

*We follow daily analytical report for improvement everyday.

*Independent departments shape endless opportunities.

*We seek to develop a free liberal culture at Nerdy .

*Problems are dealt delightfully.

*New ideas and innovations always have space & time at any of our offices.

*Regular gatherings and outings are a necessity.

*Each day matters a lot at Nerdy.We intend to win everything. One day at  time.


What do you like doing the most? What other things are you interested in?


I’m a versatile Entrepreneur. I’m compelled by curiosity. I witness success everyday. My possible fields of interests are:

*Cosmology(gives you answers of life)

*Probability(problems of chances,like life)

*Orator(you can follow my YouTube channel or watch videos at “Shrey Surya Mishra” on fb)

*Artist(I sketch memories of moments magical)


Although Being a graduate from NIT, you wanted to have a startup in the line of Teaching and Learning. Why so? Is teaching your passion?


My passion is to change the world for a better tomorrow. I pursue my passion by giving Education in the most efficient and revolutionary way possible. Being a graduate from NIT and preparation for JEE Mains has definitely influenced me to impact learning in the most significant ways. I always wanted to make learning more personalized and credible. Honestly, I always wanted to be big. And so, here I am.




Have you attended any Entrepreneurship sessions? If yes, then how did you feel being there?

Yes, a few. I represented India for UNESCO APEID meet at Indonesia last September. The topic was job generation. Few learnings:

*Perfect combination of Planning & Action will work out.

*Theoretical Entrepreneurship should be always an add on.Practical Start is important.

*Ideas are hyped.

*Some technical terms are important.

*Networking will work well amongst these events.

*Solution to problems inside(of your own self) should not be sought outside(from others).

I’ve attended other events as well like Global Entrepreneurs’s Program at Poland, TEDx, Headstart etc


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Where do you want to make your career growth in the coming 10 years?


In the coming years, I’ll be all over the world. Winning & Willing. I’ll be roaring with high soaring stats. I’ll definitely stay with Nerdy. We are witnessing an intense exponential growth, of which I’m very proud. We’ll cover the globe with our revolutionary tutoring techniques which involves skill sharing. We’ll eliminate unemployment by generating employment opportunities. We will cover the urban population with our idea and processing. I might also run some sister companies alongside.

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