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“If You Wish To Be A Writer, Write!”, Meet Yatish Jottings A Writer Influencing People With His Wonderful Handworks.




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A Little tale by Yatish Jottings | Writer| Blogger|

 Yatish Jottings, a 22 years old  young lad from the City of Destiny “Vishakhapatnam”who is caught up with CA preparation all day and stuck with musings of heart all night. An avid reader and active blogger who draws motivation from the evening winds of the beach that makes him write.

In an interview with him:

1.What does writing mean to you? Yatish, you as a writer get energized or exhausted because of writing?

Writing has always been my escape. Escape from the reality into the vast lands of imagination.It makes me feel exhausted while travelling through a plot or characterization where you have to choose the right choice of words and actions, as well as energize as the story starts opening its wings and starts flying. However, when you fill up the paper with the story you wanted to say and put the final full stop at the end, it brings a big broad smile on my face which is worth spending all the energy into.

Beautiful work by him

2.A writer who inspires a lot of readers also gets his inspiration from someone. Who is that someone in your journey?

Nature is something which inspires me a lot. A huge fan of The Sun, Moon and Stars. Nature embodies all the necessary inspiration needed for the humans all you need to do it is search and take some of it.

3.A boy becoming a writer definitely stores a lot of reading and reading. Yatish,whose writing works have influenced you the most?

Reading books has always been a part of my life. I spent many lectures reading books written by Sri Sri a Telugu poet, secretly under my desk. Ashwin Sanghi is one writer I always look up to. I love the way he churns facts, mythology and fiction into a fantastic piece of art. Paulo Coelho and his subtle way of storytelling influenced me very much. 

Yatish’s  favorite writer

4.A writer is said to be the one who brings out the feeling and emotions of people which they hide in them.  How do you find your writing works connected to general folks and your followers?

Out of millions and billions of things which could probably happen to a person, they are few things which no one could escape from happening. Those few things happen to everyone. There are certain emotions which are always a part of humanity which people either hide from others or wanted to speak but has none to listen. I writing on such emotions helps gets me in being connected to my readers.

The writer beautifuuly drilling out the emotions of siblings

5.Yatish,if you were given a chance to write about someone famous, who that would be?

On any given day it will be Sachin Tendulkar.

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6.Brewing a deep thought into a tiny tale, how you manage to perform and give the best to your followers?

When I have thought, I try my best to keep it simple and crisp. Any literary form be it, novel, poetry or a tiny tale choice of words and emotion are something which does the magic. Not going over the board is also one important factor which I keep in mind while writing.

Another wonderful work of him

7.Any inspirational quote for all the youngsters out there.

Don’t fear the fall, wait for your spring.


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