Story of a State Level Karate Champion from M.P who bagged gold at International Karate Competition

Imagine the applause a 15-year old boy gets when he is presented with gold medal first time at  International Tournament. Ravi Sule , who is currently pursuing law from Shri Vaishnav Institute of Law has carved a niche in Karate by winning International tournament at the mere age of fifteen. His excellent skills and adamant nature makes him truly one of a kind. His glorious achievements can make anyone fall short of words. In a sweet tête-à-tête , Ravi shares his inspiring story.

In conversation with Ravi :

 1. Let’s take it from the beginning: When, where and why did you start practicing Karate?

During my school days, we had to select one sport compulsorily. I selected Karate as I knew vividly that I could perform well in this game. From that day onward, series of events occurred that promoted my game. I participated at School Level, State level, National level and International level finally. In 2009, I bagged First place at 7th M.P. State Karate Championship which from my point of view is the greatest first achievement ever. In 2012, I played my first International Karate Tournament organized by World Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Organization. I was awarded Gold medal which encouraged me to take my game at an outstanding level.

2. You have been performing exceptionally well :  Gold Medal at National level, International level and a lot more. Why do you think you’ve had such great success in tournaments ?

All the credit goes to my Parents. They have been my source of Inspiration from beginning. Training from Academies have  boosted  my confidence. I practice daily for 2 hours. Success in all these tournaments is the result of my hard work.



3. Do you think Karate has developed over the years? How do you see the evolution of the art?

“Change is inevitable”. Karate is very popular throughout the world today. The increased participation of women in Karate is the very positive change that I have observed.

4. For a world class performance, what kind of mindset is required? What are the key attributes that are required in game.

A world class performance requires a lot of hard work and sweat. Zeal,enthusiasm,focus,physical strength and guts can produce a great player.

There is a  long list of must have attributes in Karate.But specifically, I emphasize on hitting and knocking at the right time to end the game. One’s Reaction time also plays a key role in determining the wave of the game.

ravi sule


5. What is your favorite kata and why?

For me it tends to change depending on what I am trying to perform. But I always have a soft spot for Tekki Shodan as I like the way it feels. It makes me powerful and I can go for it without having a second thought.

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6. Lastly, what is your message for everyone ?

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”. If you want to excel in any field, then it is must to practice everyday. Make it as a habit, include in your routine and I guarantee that  you will pass with flying colors.

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