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This Girl Has Always Held The Audience Spellbound With Her Mesmerizing Singing And Elegant Dancing | Swethaa Naidu

swethaa naidu

Swethaa Naidu , 21,  is  an extremely talented singer and an elegant dance performer . She has performed in  various singing shows and reality shows telecast on ETV PLUS. Swethaa has done her  Under graduation from  Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women – Maisammaguda  and obtained Bachelor’s degree in  Electronics & Communication Engineering, Secundurabad, Andhra Pradesh. Swethaa is a versatile singer and high energy performer and is a renowned dancer too.


Swethaa is a trained kuchipudi dancer for 7 years. She has performed in various shows like ‘Ahaa Eehe Ooho‘ , ‘Aalaapana‘ and ‘paadana Telugu Paata‘. Having a huge fan base with  83,112 Followers on Instagram, she has won several hearts through her talent. In addition, she was one of the finalists of ‘Golden voice’ competition and is a part of various shows of ETV plus fame.

She believes in ‘Let Live and Be happy’.

Other than dancing and singing she has a keen interest in playing Basketball and was always in the Main 5 in her school and college times. She aspires to become a playback singer.

She believes that there is no shortcut to success. Hard work and Determination  is the only key to become successful  in life.

“Know the difference, chase your dreams, go through the difficulties  and fight it out”


In conversation with Swethaa :

 Ques : As a great music artist , tell us something about yourself ?

Great Music Artist? No. Not yet. Still a long way to go. Well, I have completed my B.Tech this may in Mallareddy Women’s College. Apart from studies, I go to singing classes and I’m a trained Kuchipudi dancer for 7 years. I like to play Basketball. My aim is become a play back singer 🙂

Ques: What inspired you to be such a versatile personality?

I don’t know exactly. But I always wanted to be the center of attraction wherever I go. May be that’s the reason I think to be versatile.

Ques : What is music and dance to you?

Music is my life and Dance is my passion.

Ques : How did music and dance affect your student life?

I earned so much positivity. I got habitual of working hard. I improved my memory skills. And so music and dance helped me in a positive way in my student life.

Ques : Apart from dancing and singing what were your other interest as a student?

I love to play Basketball. I was always in the Main 5 in my school and college times 😉
I also like to imitate people, like how they walk, talk or laugh.

swethaa naidu

Ques. What were the struggles you faced in this journey so far?

You know there’ll be a situation where you find no way to escape. You got to be on your words. I always jump from singing to dance and dance to singing. There’s the time where I wasn’t able to decide what to choose? And what not to?
Finally I got to manage both simultaneously 🙂
It’s all about your commitment and patience.

Ques: what are your future goals in this entertainment field?

Well as I mentioned earlier, that I always wanted to be the center of attraction. So based on my interests, I’ll accept all the opportunities that I get.
My long time goal would be always to become a play back singer 🙂

Ques:- What is your message to the aspiring dancers ,singers and upcoming youth ?

You have to be honest in life. Specially honest to yourself.  Hard work and determination is the key. Success will automatically follow. Do respect everyone. Remember one thing, not everyone can sing and dance but everyone can study and pass. Know the difference, chase your dreams, go through the difficulties  and fight it out!

Swethaa’s intagram profile

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