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Meet The Very Young Artist Srishti Madaan, Who Can Capture Thousands Of Hearts With The Magic Of Her Abstract Art!


“Painting is an illusion, a piece of magic, so what you see is not what you see.”

The very young artist, Srishti Madaan is only 18 and has already started gaining the popularity and glam due to her excessive unique artwork. Even though nothing is a profession for her now but she can definitely turn her art into one someday. For now she revolves around her hobbies trying out various things and experimenting with different kinds of work before taking a final decision on her career. Srishti is originally from Haryana, but she has been living in Delhi since the past 7-8 months because of her college and her work. Other than art she also loves Traveling, Music and a lot more. Presently Srishti is working on Abstract Art as according to her abstract art is something that is free from all the compulsions of the so-called ‘Perfection’ in art and it also allows her to hide the deep meanings of life.


To know more let us get into a conversation with Shristi:

1. Since when have you started your artwork and what made you interested in this field?

I have been into art since childhood. I still remember the way I used to get really excited seeing all the art supplies whenever we had our art class in school! I remember I secured first position in a craft competition when i was in third standard. And I believe that, that was something that really boosted my moral and pushed me to get more and more into this field. I continued with Art till I was in 8th standard. After that, I kind of lost the interest in it. My interest was regained when I opted for Fine Arts as a subject in 11th standard.
I got to learn a lot of things about Art and paints and paintings and all of that really interested me a lot. And since then, there has been no stopping.

2. What kind of art do you mainly indulge yourself in and why?

Since quite a long time now, my kind of Art has been ABSTRACT ART. It has been, and I believe that it will be. I indulge myself in abstract art because it makes me feel Free. How? Lemme tell you.

For me, abstract art is something that is free from all the boundations of the so-called ‘Perfection’ in art. Abstract art allows me to do whatever i want, mix the colors in whichever way I want, make a mess however I want! Abstract art is a beautiful form of art, which not many people understand. It helps me hide different meanings inside of my work and then let it out in the open for the people to figure out what it is. Being an abstract artist in India is a really tough job because here people do not really appreciate any form of art, let alone Abstract! It’s all really a big challenge, being an artist. But I strongly believe that if YOU strongly believe in your work, then you’ll definitely go places!


3. According to you what is the role of an artist in the society?

I think, the role of an artist in the society should be to lead the society. Now, in this answer, i’m not just talking about the ‘painters’ or the ‘designers’ and such artists. The definition of the word isn’t limited to such terms only. For me, the term “artist” means, a person who does something different , in his or her own way, and believes in whatever he/she does. The job of an artist is to create art. Not just on a piece of paper,or a cloth of canvas, but in the minds and the souls of people witnessing its Art. In today’s society, where the stereotypes of “engineering and doctoring are the only successful professions” still exist, I think the role of an artist should be to try and lead the society into enlightening their minds about such things. About how a person can actually earn and be stable in his life by doing what he actually loves. Any day, Any time,we can try.

4. What are your biggest achievements?

Okay, not to get dramatic or anything, but my biggest achievement till today would be hearing my parents say “We’re Proud Of You”.
Not.even.kidding. I had always been the carefree , not-so-serious for work kind of a person and that used to affect my parents a lot (obviously). So, when I started off with my work in Delhi, met a lot of amazing people, worked my ass off, earned some pennies, and still earning, my parents actually said those four words and it actually felt like a really big achievement. Other than that, I’d consider my biggest achievement to be the time when I was in a meeting with the CEO and The Manager of “Twitter India”! I can’t disclose the purpose of the meeting as it’s kind of confidential. At the beginning of the meeting, I was literally shivering to even introduce myself, as I was the youngest amongst the group. I was in 12th standard! But as soon as the discussions began to erupt, the ideas began to float around in the air of the room, I bursted my bubble of fear and kept on blabbering all the ideas that came in my mind,
The meeting went on for about 4 hours. When the meeting ended, and all of us were bidding goodbyes, the CEO calls up the organizer of the meeting and says; “The 12th standard girl did really great in there! The ideas that she gave were really enlightening and we look forward to having her in one of our other meetings too”!!!!! Those words went straight to my heart and I was almost about to cry. It was not an achievement only because I was in a meeting with such huge personalities or that they complimented my work, but also because that day, I finally saw myself becoming more confident than I had ever been in public, or with people.


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5. What is the most memorable thing that you have experienced in this field?

I think the most memorable thing i’d experienced in this field would be the whole adrenaline rush that goes inside me every time someone buys my work. It’s something that can’t really be explained. That feeling of creating something you put your hard work, time and energy in, and then sending it away to some stranger with a thought of it being safe with them. Also, not to forget, the joy of the people who finally hold the courier package inside their hands. Both the feelings, extremely beautiful.

6. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next 5 years or so, I see myself as a happy individual, working her ass off, satisfied with her life, however it may be.

7. What is your favourite artwork and why?

My favorite art work would be the one which has included all the heart and soul of the artist other than paints and brushes in the work. Because, putting all you’ve got in your work is something that I find extremely beautiful.


8. What does your work aim to say?

My main aim is to tell people that it’s okay to be imperfect. Imperfections are a part of life and it’s okay if they reflect in your work. Just keep doing whatever you love to do. Be free. Of all the unnecessary boundations that surround you.

My work aims to say that; Imperfection is Perfection.

9. What do you like and dislike about the art world?

What I really like about the Art world is that, the fact that there are so many of us artists out there, running after the same wild idea; to change the world. In whichever way it may be. The fact that an artist knows for a fact that he/she is not alone, and that there are people out there just as crazy as him, keeps them going sometimes. The fact that people are growing more and more in the creative fields and finally standing up for what they believe in is what I like the most about the art world. What I do not like about the art world is, not enough appreciation and credibility for the artists. A person can go a long way by being only by himself and not caring about any sort of validation or approvals from others. But in the art world, we strive for that appreciation and credibility, because unfortunately, most of the times, we have to be dependent on other people for our daily bread. The artists don’t earn even half the amount of what they actually deserve. And because of all of this, most of the art, and the artists, go to waste. It’s a bitter truth of the art world. we just have to face it.

10. Tell us about the struggles that you have faced in this field?

To be honest, I haven’t really established myself that much, that I would face any struggles. There are some, but not major. I have been rejected from working with artists because I’m an abstract artist and those people were far away from it. And because not a lot of people understand what abstract art is, they don’t show any interest in my work because they think it’s ‘ worthless ‘. My biggest struggle would be that I’m trying to build a base out of something different, and in our society, different means ‘no good’.


11. Any message you would like to give to all aspiring artists out there?

Honestly, being an artist is one of the most amazing things you can ever be. It’s a real gift. Cherish it. Just have faith in yourself, and your work and keep doing whatever you love. Keep working hard.

Because no matter how many rejections, no matter how much criticism, no matter how many Sharma Ji’s telling you that you should be an engineer or a doctor, Just remember one thing; Sooner or Later, Hard work does pay off. 

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