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Meet Sneha Suhas, A Very Unique Person Who Switches Between Being A Radio Jockey By Day And A Comedian By Night!



Ms. Sneha is a radio jockey as well as a comedian. She is a very confident woman and inspires everyone to follow their dreams and passions. She has also been featured in many Youtube videos. She has made her passion into a profession which is very important in today’s world. She is very proud of whatever she is doing and she is an ideal example for anyone and everyone who wants to follow their dreams.

She believes that opportunities do not come to you, you have to go and grab them. According to her, a job is a chore that needs to be done. And one should practically think about following their passions. She says that women should do whatever they love and not let society’s thoughts about women affect them. For more views of Sneha, tune in the interview below-


Inspiring the radio listeners through her words!

1. Since your career lines seem to include a lot of diverse things, tell us about your profession in detail.

I’m a radio jockey by the day and a stand up comedienne by night. The diverse detail is I don’t get to see the people I talk to in the day and neither do they, it’s the opposite in the evenings when I do stand up comedy. I can draw a parallel to both as I think they’re essentially story telling at the core. Just with different formats and medium.

2. Since, there are a lot of comedians out there, what do you think is unique about you that sets you apart?

That’s something I’m working towards, I’m trying to find my true style which is native to me and comes naturally to only me, if I remain true to my style that will automatically translate into a unique persona that only I can create. What happens in my head should be explained in my very own way to people, only I know what’s happening. The key is to let yourself be you, it’s easy to see if you’re trying to be someone else on stage, unless you’re trying out a character.

3. As you have been breaking the stereotypes, do you think women in India are given opportunities to do what they love?

After a point, I don’t think opportunities are “given”, they’re always “taken”, if you don’t stand up and say no or yes to certain things, you can’t expect to be served on a platter. I didn’t go to do anything to break stereotypes, for me it looked like something I wanted to do, not something which was a matter of my gender. I hope all women can feel the same at some level. It’s not about winning a battle, it’s about putting up a good fight and not sitting down to let someone walk all over you or tell you what you “shouldn’t do” because you’re a woman.

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 4. How important do you think it is to follow your passion?

Everyone should follow their passion at whatever levels. It isn’t necessary to make passion your profession. Following your passion/dreams as a career is overrated and misguiding. Noone talks about the failed career of loads of artists who suffer financially. It is important to have a practical approach to everything, a job is a chore which needs to be done. There are loads of “jobs” in the world that need to be done. The person who picks up garbage every morning needs to do it, he might not be passionate about it. If everyone follows their “passion” the world would stop functioning. One must not confuse passion with privilege.


5. What do you think is your biggest achievement?

I’m too young and it’s too soon to term anything my biggest achievement, but if I have to pick one right now it’s definitely the thought which I pulled out of my mind – “Would people be okay with what I’m doing?” , I’ve replaced that with- “Am I okay with what I’m doing?”, It might seem like a small thing, but it’s given me a lot of peace and courage to pursue just anything I want to do.

6. What would be your advice to the youth of the nation?

Use the internet, don’t let it use you, listen to your parents and finish that degree.  


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