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Scrumptious & Great Variety of Food With The Beautiful Foodie! Meet Manmeet Kaur- The Expert Food & Beauty Blogger Who Will Guide You To Food Paradise !


Food is An Instant Mood Uplifter | Food is Bae | Beautiful Foodie

Manmeet Kaur, has traveled a long journey from Fashion, Beauty to Food and has explored so much more. But the best part is that she enjoys every phase of her life. She is a born foodie, with great knowledge of favor and taste. Being a Punjabi, North Indian Food is her all-time favorite. Although she has a wide knowledge in all kinds or sorts of cuisine including Chinese, Italian, Continental, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Mexican but her love for North India- Punjabi Food is unbeatable.

Manmeet is a Digital Marketing Expert by profession. She is super enthusiastic as a blogger and it shows in the way she blogs, the energy she brings to the table every time she reviews something. According to her food gives her a warm delight and a delicious instant magic. She describes herself as a food and beauty blogger who occasionally dabbles in lifestyle endeavors. Let’s know more about her in the yummy interview down below.


In conversation with Manmeet Kaur | The Beautiful Foodie


Which cuisine you can relate with yourself the most, and why?

Food is true Love & Love is Food to me. Might sound cliche, but I love mostly all kinds of cuisines ( if the food is delicious & well cooked). From Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental, to Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Mexican, I have favorites from all of them. But being a true Punjabi and a true foodie at heart & soul, If I have to pick just one, I think North Indian specialties hold a special place in my heart and will be my all-time favorite.

What is food according to you?

Food may be an integral part of one’s life, we eat to live but I Live to Eat! Eat good food, scrumptious, warm & hearty delights. I constantly think about food, I believe good food is an instant mood uplifter, however bad food can destroy one’s mood at once. I look forward to trying & eating something new & different every day. Be it home cooked, street food or from a restaurant. Food is Bae for me.



When was the first time you realize that you have something to do with cooking?

I love cooking, In my childhood, I used to help my mom in the kitchen. During my growing up years, I used to see her cook effortlessly every day, instilling her magic in the various delicious & hearty meals she used to cook for us daily, I gradually took up an interest in cooking. It is now like my stress buster & my favorite activity.

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Which food technique and tool is your favorite?

I am not a very modern person when it comes to cooking. I follow the old but contemporary ways of cooking. Best tools while cooking would be – My Hands! One can use them the way one wants and there is nothing impossible if you believe in your own magic.

Manmeet Kaur the beautiful foodie interview ss food blogger
Manmeet Kaur is A lifestyle Blogger too

Giving a twist to a traditional dish is fun or challenging?

It’s both! And I love it! Like I said, I am an experimental person, constantly looking for new & different dishes to try. Sometimes I do like to experiment with my cooking & prepare something extraordinary out of the regular & ordinary items available in the house. It’s a sweet challenge with a lot of fun.

If you get a chance to dine in any restaurant, at any city which will you prefer and why?


I have dined in at many avenues, but there is one restaurant on my bucket list that I wish to visit one day. It’s called as ‘Dinner In The Sky’ -Belgian based restaurant that uses a crane to host its diners, table, and waiting staff and all of this at 150 feet in the air. How cool will that be to dine in swinging 150 Feet in the air! The concept is available in 45 countries around the globe.

manmeet kaur interview the beautiful foodie food and beauty blogger


Do you think social media plays an important role to establish one’s career? GIve some reasons.

Social media nowadays has given a boost to almost all the careers possible. From doctors, corporate to businessmen and even homemakers, everyone is benefiting from the social media space. Being a food blogger & influencer, It is the most beautiful thing to share your love for food with the people of same interest & connect with them.

At last, I am thankful for the today’s modern age world for helping me build a 2 Lakh strong (and growing) foodie community. It has been not just playing a role in my career building, but also helping me attain recognition and personal satisfaction at so many different levels.


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