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Beyond Ordinary! He Is Extraordinary! Meet An Actor & A Very Popular YouTuber, Rahul Vohra

rahul vohra actor youtuber

“If you’re not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary” – Rahul Vohra

Meet Rahul Vohra, a Delhiite presently an emerging actor in the film industry and also a very popular youtuber. At a very young age he has joined the film industry after 3 years of training in Delhi theatres. And his youtube channel, with 3,952,905 views, Rahul has gained high popularity in a year because of his immense funny videos.

Rahul Vohra played a role in the Indo-American movieUnfreedom“, and in serials like “Saavdhan India“, “Budhha” and many more.

Rahul Vohra

Fruitful moments with Rahul:

1. What made you choose this field? And when did you start making YouTube videos?

Well according to me this was the best way to expose myself. And I wanted to connect with people so I thought of doing it through YouTube videos.

It’s been a year almost.

2.  What are your videos mainly about?

My videos are about every trending topic related to maybe boyfriend girlfriend relations, or society or family etc.

3. Do you lose your confidence if your YouTube video gets less views? How do you cope up with such matters?

If I see that any of my video has got less views I don’t really lose my confidence but I try to find out my mistakes. Because if my other videos can get views then why not this particular video. So that is what I do and I rectify my mistakes in the next video.

4. Have you faced any struggle establishing yourself in this field?

Yes, I have indeed faced too many struggles for a year or so, for making these videos I had to give up on my acting career, I didn’t have any source of income then. My family, friends all were against me. But I didn’t give up I dedicated the entire year just for this.

5. What makes you happy about your career?

When I see comments of people not just Indians but even from other countries and when such people appreciate me that is what makes me happy.

6. Can you list some of your serials or movies?

  • Indo-American film : “unfreedom”.
  • Serials : “savdhan India, Shaitan a criminal mind, budhha”.
  • Hindi film : “music meri jaan” which has not released.

Rahul Vohra

7. How do you deal with negative views for your videos?

I take it in a positive way. See you can’t make everyone happy right? There will be clash of ideas and mentalities. So it’s okay!

8. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Well, life is unpredictable so there’s no surety about what’s gonna happen. But yeah I have a dream of having my own production.


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9. Any message you would like to give to the aspiring young YouTubers out there?

The only thing I would like to say is, hardwork and patience these two are very necessary for every aspiring YouTuber. Nothing happens overnight, so consistency is required and never lose hope. Always believe in yourself no matter what others say.

Rahul Vohra actor

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