Rahul Chahar : Success Journey of an All Rounder in Under 19 Indian Cricket Team

Rahul Chahar is one of the well known names in the Indian cricket Under 19 team. Rahul has played wide number of games for Ranji Trophy, under 19 ODI’S, and also Under 19 limited hours game. He gives the entire credit of his success to the faith his parents possessed in him and the hard work he undertook. Rahul will now be seen playing in RPS (Rising Pune Supergiants) team in IPL 2017. He is a versatile player as he handles bowling and batting both very efficiently.

In conversation with Rahul :

Author: – When did you start playing cricket? When exactly the game amuse to its highest?

Rahul: – I loved playing Cricket, but it was officially at the age of 13 that I took the game seriously and decided to pursue it to the professional level. Before that, I played it rather casually.

Author: – What inspired you to take Cricket seriously?

Rahul: – It was when I saw my elder brother playing cricket. When I was young I used to go on practice I saw him practicing cricket every day. I was scared at first, but I got used to it day by day. The way my elder brother played was heart warming and exciting. It was his game which led me to this level by giving motivation.

Rahul Chahar

Author: – Who has been your mentor and the strongest support in your upwards journey so far?

Rahul: – My father & my coach are the best mentors I have. They support me at every tough situation. My father guided me to do my best. It was my dad who helped me in my practices & helped a lot to take up the game rather profoundly.

Rahul’s Leg spinning bowling:

Author: – How did your parents react to your decision of pursuing cricket initially?

Rahul : – When I made the decision to play cricket my parents supported me they were always with me. They are happy now as my parents are my backbone. There are no hard and fast rules over pursuing something over studies. All they want is complete success for us and in that they supported all of the siblings earnestly.

Author: – Did this decision affect your studies at any point and in turn your parents?

Rahul : – No! The decision never at any point changed any phase of my studies. I made sure I never take things for granted be it my studies or the trust that my parents manifested in me. These both things held greater value in my heart and made me reach to the level I am on today.

Rahul Chahar

Author: – What has been your highest score in your entire journey?

Rahul: – Every score is brought by utter hard work. Hence every score is close to my heart. Failure teaches us something and making good scores gives us guidance towards a particular game play. But till now my highest score is 147 runs in Mumbai Varroc Cup and eight wickets in one inning.

Author: – Which is the moment you cherish every moment in the field of cricket?

Rahul: – The best time for me was when I got selected for Ranji Trophy and Team India at the same time. It was in these few days that my hard work and my parents wishes worked. It was in these few days that my life completely changed.

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Author:- Cricket has the widest range of audience. Do that feels like a pressure sometimes?

Rahul: – In my starting days in this field I was very much in pressure. But now the audience has become a certain type of power booster. They give me the adequate energy to win the game and give my best.

Author: – What will be your message for inspiring cricket youth from your experience?

Rahul: – My message for inspiring cricket youth is that they should Never give up. It doesn’t matter how good you are. Sport is all about playing and competing whatever you do in cricket and in sport Just be positive always.

Stats of Rahul by Cricket Archive.


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