14 year old Tanisha from Assam Represented India in Under-14 Wimbledon

Tanisha Kashyap, a 14-year-old tennis player from Assam, is the first to represent India in Under-14 Wimbledon that was held in August. Tanisha Kashyap from Hajo of Kamrup district was crowned India Champions and competed in the Road to Wimbledon National Finals on the grass at Wimbledon. Tanisha has won more than 12 junior titles including one national championship. “I am more than delighted to represent my country. It is a dream come true. I will give it my best to shine for my country in Wimbledon” said Tanisha.
In conversation with Tanisha :

1. What was the utmost inspiration to become a tennis player?

What inspired me to play tennis was my probably my dad. I used to go with my dad and watch him play. And that is when I got interested and fell in love with the sport.Tennis means a lot to me. I think through tennis I express myself better.

2. Who has been your mentor and biggest support in your journey?  

My greatest support would be all of my family. Because once you want to take up a sport, the whole family has to be involved and my dad has always been my coach, my mom travels with me due to my father’s work. My brother stays home alone with my dad. And I think it’s all about teamwork.

3.What is the state and recognition of Tennis in India? According to you?

I think tennis is now one of the recognized sports in India. We have a good AITA circuit. You have to be dedicated yourself to it and be a hard worker.

4.Wimbledon is a big name how does it feel to be recognized for it?

Wimbledon is one of the historical places where the pros like Sarena Williams and Roger Federer have created many victories. I think playing in Wimbledon is something special and I’m privileged to have played in Wimbledon. Again hard work is the main thing. You have to work towards your goals and then and only you can achieve them.
Tanisha kashyap

5.How your parents supported to you initially choosing tennis as the game?

I was a swimming national gold medalist three years in a row. And I was doing tennis and swimming at the same time recreationally. But I had to choose one at one point in time. At that point, I got the freedom to choose, and I am thankful to my parents. I chose tennis. Because I saw more future in tennis and I loved the game.

6. Did tennis ever affect your studies?How did you manage to cope with everything?

Choosing tennis hasn’t changed my studies. Now I do online school, so attendance is not a problem. But online school is tough as there is no excuse for the work you have to complete all the assignments. So after I train, I don’t have time to think about anything else other than studies.
Tanisha Kashyap

7. How do u look at “success” what is your point of view?

Well, I look at success as how your improving are reaching the small milestones. I think success comes within yourself. Sports can teach us a lot about yourself and can help you in your daily life. You should always have a vision. Ask yourself where are you now and where you want to be in a period. Set targets and then only you can accomplish your aim.

8. Any message for the youth from own experiences?

My message for the youth is, please be active and pick up a sport. Sports can help you define yourself. You will be more committed and not only life, but it helps in studies as well to be more concentrated. As in India, you don’t see many people doing sports. I would say you should start a game and it helps a lot for you to be active and concentrated.

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