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She Is Rising To The Peak Of Fashion And Modelling World ! The 20 Year Old Goddess Who Has A Fashion Label To Her Name Already-Meet Prerna Mehra

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Meet Prerna Mehra, a young enthusiast fashion designer, fashion blogger, model and an entrepreneur at an age of 20. According to Prerna “Fashion is about something that comes from within”. As a person, she believes a lot in the power of honesty. Still a believer in happy endings but also the kind of girl who knows how to rescue herself from fake people. She loves and appreciates ambitious and hard working people.

Prerna Mehra blogger fashionista interview
The Stunning Prerna Mehra


In a conversation with Prerna Mehra :

1) Prerna being a designer, how do you stay organized when you are provided with multiple design assets and ideas ?

Being a designer, I tend to think visually and speak with visuals. So mostly it’s mood boards with pictures and sketches and swatches of fabric and trims, that helps me collate multiple ideas at once.

2) What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship ?

I’ve always been ambitious but I feel like the reason I started in the first place was because it actually made me very frustrated to not be able to say what’s going in my head, and I really didn’t have the patience to wait and create. I wanted to start immediately, so I did.

prerna khullar fashionista blogger interview
Prerna Mehra with charming looks


3) How do you cope under the pressure of being a blogger, a model, a designer and an entrepreneur ?

It is a lot of work and I do feel like there is lack of time, but I have not known it any other way. It comes naturally to me and doesn’t feel like work cause I actually enjoy all of it. I wouldn’t have my day, my year or my life any other way.

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4) Design School never ends, how do you learn and grow your knowledge and expertise ?

I feel like design can never be taught. So, design school was anyway just about putting all that goes on in your head into an actual form in the best way possible. So doing that because you want to share the beautiful thought that manifested in your head is practice enough.

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5) Prerna, if you had a chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently ?

I wouldn’t do a thing differently except maybe start even earlier. I am very excited about what I am doing right now and I just wish that I had started earlier.

6) How do you manage your college and personal life together ?

College is challenging because of all the technical work, but I manage it by making sure I’m super clear about my priorities at every point. I also don’t enjoy social outings much and like to keep my circle small and close so that really does help and I save a lot of time.

prerna khullar model interview fashion blogger
Prerna Mehra with the perfect model looks

7) Prerna, what made you decide to start blogging ?

Trying to combine my love for writing and fashion on a single plate encouraged me to become a blogger and start blogging. And I’m also really opinionated so it’s definitely an outlet for all that I have to say.



8) Among blogging, designing, modelling and entrepreneurship which one do you like the most and why ?

I love designing the most because it’s creating something that I like the most. And there’s nothing more beautiful than that.


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