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Small Town Boy Who Was Once Not Articulate In English Is Now Rising To the Heights Of the Literary World : Muzzammil Lambate !

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Writing is the only power to change the word, without saying anything.

Muzzammil Lambate, who believes that a writer has to be a good listener and a reader first. To become a good writer one should understand the emotions and the feelings behind one’s own craft. People become great writers and poets not because they are experts in their respective languages, it’s because they can decode their own emotions and feelings really well and write about their own personal experiences freely. Muzzammil is one such writer who writes like magic and brings about the most deepest of emotions in a very subtle manner and his writings are very inspirational. Moreover, Muzzammil  is a Social Media Specialist who eats, breathes and sleeps social media. Apart from Advertising and poetry, He is a crazy Manchester United fan too. Let’s know more about this passionate and wonderful human in the interview down below.

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In Conversation with Muzzammil Lambate:

What was your first writing about and how did you come up with it?

My very first write-up was a simple quote – “He smiled. She blushed. Everyone else burned.” It was based on a common human behavior, jealousy. When people see someone happy they tend to get jealous. It’s a human emotion and I have seen this a lot. I am an observational writer, I observe, I listen and that helps me write.

Do You believe in “Fewer words can say More”? What is it based on and how did you come up with it?

Yes, I strongly believe in writing fewer words which mean a lot. There are different kinds of writers out there who express in different ways, this is my way of expressing. Writing has been an essential part of my life from my early college days. I use to write long poems, blogs of more than 2000 words. Such pieces are important but when you can say a lot in few words, it is more meaningful. It’s an art you need to master. Not everyone out there can do this. It takes years of practice and determination to think small and write big.

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Can you describe the time when you first realized that ‘writing’ was something you absolutely had to do?

I grew up in a small town and the standards of schooling in small towns is below par in terms of English When I moved to Pune for my junior college I was left with no choice but live with people speaking in English I had only read in the newspaper or heard on Television. It was the time I decided to work on my language skills if I had to survive and thus began my journey of reading, listening and then writing. I wanted to do what I currently do is because I felt I had so much to say and writing was the best way of getting my thoughts out in the open.


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What are your writings mainly based on? And how do you get the ideas to start off with the writings?

My writing is generally based on two things, Self-Love and Women. If you go through my writings you’ll find a lot of pieces on these topics. In this cruel world of competition, heartbreaks, and depression we often lose ourselves and stop loving ourselves. People come later, the first person you should always think of is yourself before anyone else. If you can’t love yourself, it is very difficult to love someone else and to be loved by someone else. As for the other topic, I was brought up by the strongest woman I have ever known, my mother. She was a fighter and she fought till her last breath. That gave me the courage to write about the opposite sex and what they can do given the conservative nature of our society. Women are stronger than men in every way and I try to bring that out through my writings.

Whose writings inspire you the most and why?

I have come across a lot of writers on social media who write less and mean more. I don’t have a favorite in that matter, but my favorite writers otherwise are Agatha Christie, Daniel Steel, and Katherine Neville. They all belong to different genres but the way they bring out stories to life has always inspired me. Storytelling is a very important aspect of whatever you do, and they are the masters of this craft.

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Is there any difference between the old age poets and the modern day young poets? If yes, what and which one do you prefer personally?

Yes, there is a lot of difference between both. Old age poets had more substance to what they wrote and how they wrote in those circumstances and yet reached the epitome of greatness. Modern day writers have all the means of getting their work out to their audience through various channels like social media for instance. It is easier for modern-day poets to put their work out there. There is no personal preference, one thing is common in both of them and that is the quality of work they produce.

Do you think social media plays an important role in a career of a writer or a poet to get established? Reasons.

It plays a huge role to get established these days. You have so many ways of getting your work out there without breaking a sweat. I say this from personal experience. I tried getting my work out through Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. But I finally found my niche on Instagram. Writers have a lot of channels to go through and if your work is excellent, you’ll be noticed and appreciated. At the end of the day, your work speaks for yourself, no matter which medium you use.

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