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Looking For Fashion Goals? Meet Naren Rathi , Director Of JGD Production House, The Model With Perfection In Him!


“Fashion is art, and you are the canvas.”

There are innumerable struggling models in today’s world, and rising above all of them is very necessary in this field, for that you need something unique in yourself. Here we have such an example, Narender Rathi , the young and talented guy from Agroha, a small village in Harayana, can give any model a run for his money due to his perfect looks and attitude and fashion sense. This young model has captured thousands of hearts by his perfection in his field with 18k followers on Instagram. Naren is the director of JGD Production House, a production which gives opportunity to young aspiring models to showcase their talent by taking auditions all over India.


Let us get into a conversation with Narender Rathi:

1.Is modeling only about fame and popularity as normally people assume or there is more to it that we are unaware of?

As there are two sides of any coin, here is one which is visible to people that is fame and popularity. The other side is full of hard work, patience and competition. Everyday should be better than the previous day whether you are popular or not. As a result you will get that fame.

2. There are a lot of struggles and competitions in this field, what are the struggles that you’ve faced? How do you prepare yourself for this competitive world?

There is struggle in every field but yes, the meaning of struggle in this field is different. You have to be strong to handle every type of situations. Struggle in this field does not mean only competition a model needs to face many unwelcoming situations strongly. And everyone has to face it in their own way.


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3. Something which is necessary for a model is maintaining figure, so tell us about your diet or what do you do to keep yourself so fit?

Yes it is a must to maintain yourself if you are into modelling. I am a gym lover, I start my day with heavy workout. A proper diet is also important. I add lot of things into it including green vegetables, fruits and salad. I keep myself away from bad habits such as fast food, etc that is more important I guess.

4. Few unknown facts about Naren Rathi!

My inner strength is first thing which differentiates me from the others. I don’t give up easily. Besides modeling I am also a traveler and I love to travel.

5. Is the modeling world all about appearance and beauty or is there more talent required? Tell us about it.

To be honest about my profession, if we talk only about modelling then yes it is all about your appearance which includes your height, physique, personality and most importantly your self confidence or attitude to present yourself in whatever way needed.

6. How has your family supported you through this career?

My family has always supported me in my ups and downs. I have managed every thing till date because of my family’s support. They never put any restrictions and always trust me in whatever I do.

7. There is no certainty in this field. Is this true? In that case how do you handle everthing?

No doubt this field is uncertain. Everyday is not your day. With modelling I also manage other events too and there is no certainty in modeling I also have a backup , I am a mechanical engineer as well.


8. Is there any special memory you would like to share with us?

I have been selected for cosmopolitan magazine shoot among hundred other models so this is really special for me.

9. You are the director of JGD production house, tell us more about it!

JGD is a production house which gives opportunity to young aspiring models to showcase their talent. We take auditions all over India and groom freshers for their future. Along with this, we also provide many other benefits to the models.

10. What message would you like to give to the youth who are looking forward to pursue this career?

First of all keep yourself updated. Be active in the field so that people keep you in their mind. Start from the very beginning because this is not a single day’s work but years of hardwork to be the best. Love your body and work on that. This is the only thing which you can never stop working with even after your popularity. Be confident, set your goal and start working on that from the beginning of your long journey!


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