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MAGICAL! Her Paintings Will Leave You Spellbound! The Story Of a 17 Year Old Artist | Mansi Yaduka

Mansi Yaduka artist fine art paintings

Meet Mansi Yaduka, a 17 years old girl from Surat, Gujarat. She paints her world surrounding her with her own set of colors and her own power of imagination. ART is something that completes her. Everything related to art draws her interest and very lover of plants, flowers, heavenly bodies, basically every other natural beauty. She dreams “to inspire the world with my drawings and creations“. With the competence to hold the color pencil at 3, she has won various competitions, stood first at state level interschool competitions in the state; created a whole world out of it, inspiring people to live in that world filled with colors portraying the ‘Allegory of Painting’. Her paintings are showcased at the art gallery of Surat Science Centre. Let’s have Mansi in talks with us..

In Conversation with Mansi

What is your educational background?

I cleared my class 12th (commerce) this year and am going to join NIFT ( National Institute of Fashion Technology) and pursue a degree in B. design.

How did you get started with the colored pencil?

My parents tell me I started coloring since I was 3 and then slowly I found interest in drawing too.  After a few years my skills improved due to continues practice. I didn’t go to any drawing tutions when I was a kid but I did join a couple of classes in my holidays just to know the technicalities. I started considering me as an aspiring artist when I was 15 and I believe I have a long way to call myself a successful artist. I want to learn much more things and am not satisfied with my level currently.

Which artist influence your work the most?

Without any doubts it’s the instagram sensation –  Kristina Webb a.k.a.   colour_me_creative, a Kiwi artist. I used to draw a lot but @the_painted_paradise_  –  my instagram art account came into existence only because of Kristina . She inspired me to show my creations to the world and it’s okay to be proud of your creations. I learnt the meaning of creativity because of her. I totally admire her thinking and her works!

Tell us about a painting project which is very special to you and which you are proud of.Mansi Yaduka painted paradise

My most special project  till now is my Bahubali painting because the movie itself made me fall in love with the characters and I’ve spent the longest time that is 15 hours to create such detailing in the portrait.  The jewelleries and the outfit of Prabhas Sir and Anushka Ma’am took most of the time and I’m extremely proud of it.

What is the most important, challenging and interesting part about choosing a subject?

The most important thing about choosing a subject is to follow your passion and to not care what the world thinks of it. It’s not important to be talented or god gifted, if you are genuinely interested in any subject,  you must be passionate enough to climb up to be on the top. It doesn’t matter on what level you currently are, what really matters is how hard can you work and not give up on your passion to be in the place that you desire.

What is the best part about creating a piece of art? What is the key element an art work should possess?Mansi Yaduka artist

The best part about creating an art is to know the story behind it. Art is the kind of subject  where 10 people watch the same painting together and think 10 different stories in their mind. The main thing while creating an art is to unleash your imagination. You just have to put the image in your mind on your canvas. The best thing about art is – No rules! You just have to let the creative juice flow.

( Obviously there are some exceptional rules regarding proportions when you study human anatomy, still life and stuff like that)

Art is subjective in nature and subject interpretation depends from person to person. Some people may like it while others may not. So how do you handle the negative criticism and how does positive criticism help in keeping you motivated?

Mansi Yaduka story interview

At first, I used to worry when few people didn’t appreciate my work or pointed fingers on my works’ flaws  but then over the years I learnt that there is always a positive and a negative side of everything  in existence. You must first focus on the positive things and then analyze the negative things, if you yourself feel that it can help you be better at your work, take it as constructive criticism but if you feel de-motivated, just ignore them.


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What would you have done if you would not have been a painter?

If I would not be an artist I think I would have been a cake artist or a makeup artist. Well, seriously I cannot think about any profession that has nothing to do with the term “ARTIST”.

Mansi Yaduka painting

What is your message for the aspiring people out there?

I would like to wish good luck to all the aspirants out there! Just be focused on your work and don’t ever let any negative comment stop you from following your passion. Never stop learning and don’t you dare give up on your goals.

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