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Meet The Young Entrepreneur Who Won Femina Miss India & Is Now Running A Successful Business With Her Hard work, Wit & Charm.

arissa khan interview ashion blogger model artist fashion ss

Ms. Arissa Khan is a successful entrepreneur and runs a business where she sells women’s apparel. She has been featured in few Punjabi songs as well. We can say that she is a well-diversified person if we talk about her career. She said she would skip her meals and go for shopping and that is how much dedication is needed to become successful. According to her obsession is the key to success. One needs to work very hard to make their dreams come true.

She says initially, she faced a lot of struggles as she was trying to do what was not easy. But she says that her and her mother’s never dying spirit kept her going on. We wish all the luck to her. Read the interview below for more details.

arissa khan interview ashion blogger model artist fashion ss
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In conversation with Arissa Khan :


What is your profession?

I have been the winner of a Pageant with Femina Miss India & a proud owner of the women’s wear brand “Purple Paisley”.

Tell us about your story and how did you realize your passion?

From playing dress up to being the one  that was choosing shopping over a meal was is where it all began. You know when you’re dreaming about clothes, shoes & all things fashion – it is an obsession. I only decided to take it to the next level when I wanted to bring the kind of fashion we Indian girls with limited options only dream of having in our closets & there you go – Purple Paisley.

arissa khan interview ashion blogger model artist fashion ss


What were the struggles that you faced?

We all have struggles of breaking stereotypes & society. But once that’s behind you it’s just a Sweet cake walk.


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What keeps you motivated?

My mother & her never dying spirit of never giving up & being unapologetic-ally ambitious.



Connect with Arissa here :

Arrisa Khan Instagram

Purple Paisley Instagram


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