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Get to know more about Fitness from Miss Fit, 2016 award winner

Madhumanthi Banerjee is a writer, model, nutritionist and a fashion blogger. She recently won the “Miss Fit 2016 ” award and was crowned by the Mrs. India after breaking through some hardcore fitness challenges. Madhumanthi who has escaped the limelight, is a hard worker and a fitness lover. She is pursuing her studies as a Nutritionist and has a few words for the people who aspire to be physically fit.

1. You were awarded as ‘Ms fit 2016’ how does it feel?

Going for the Miss Fit competition was impromptu. I just went there to watch my brother participate. The fitness challenge was very tempting and I decided to jump in. Coming up as Miss Fit was very overwhelming.

2. What are keys to being fit according to you?

Everybody has their own notion of fitness. The word “fit” means different to different people, it varies with the geographical area, gender, caste life experiences etc. For me as an individual, keys to be Fit are well, Physical activity (Exercise ) and Good diet.Madhumanthi Banerjee

3. Do you think India is now comparatively more aware on the intake of food? Why and why not?

About the awareness about Indians about Food and nutrition, most of us are aware of the ill effects of junk food or easy to make foods, yet we chose them because they save time. What we forget is that healthy eating is easier and cheaper than junks. I feel Indians are aware, yet most of them are not ready to take that step and do something to chose a healthier lifestyle. But, awareness is increasing these days about fitness and healthy diet and it’s importance.

4. What do you think Indians need to change in their diet more?

Indians are more inclined towards spices which when consumed in excessive quantities might harm the body. I feel we should focus more on our seasonal naturally available fruits and vegetables. We should make sure that our diet every day has all the five food groups.

5. You are a Bharatanatyam dancer as well as a nutrition freak! Out of these two which two things do you choose?

I can’t really choose between Bharatnatyam and nutrition because fitness and Bharatnatyam are inseparable as fitness is a must for dancers. Bharatanatyam the form of dance itself requires flexibility and the fitness of the body.It requires as well as enables fitness within an individual.
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